Thursday, September 17, 2015

 President Kopitke 2016

Welcome to my daily Presidential Campaign Blog

Today, the 17th of September is Constitution Day; it is also the anniversary of my Baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Today, it is also the day I have filed with the Federal Elections Commission my Form 2 paperwork as a Candidate for the Office of President of The United States of America.  Please kindly remember me in your prayers. 

In 1992, I defeated Hillary Clinton as I was outspent by the Clinton Campaign probably 20 to 1.  At that time, I was the State Director for the Jerry Brown for President Campaign during the Utah Democratic Primary.   

So, I am seeking to replicate my 1992 victory in Utah and expand it to the other States.
I am running as an Independent, so this means, that in November 2016, there will be Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Kyle Kenley Kopitke on the Presidential Ballot.

The reason I am running is because I see our Beloved and Inspired Constitution under attack; I am running to save the Constitution of the United States of America to the best of my abilities.  I am also running to the preserve Christianity to the best of my ability.  

I would not be running unless I saw in my mind’s eye that there is a possibility that I can win.  Now, the world is full of nay sayers, and those who brisk and chide when someone tries to do something.  They laughed at our Founding Fathers, at the Wright Brothers and at Columbus.   I am certainly not George Washington, or Wilbur or Orville or Christopher Columbus; I am just Kyle.  But Kyle is not going to sit by and watch the Constitution and Christianity get pummeled. 

We have to Save our Earth; we have to Restore our Military; we have to Fix our State Department and Foreign Policy.  I hold the Triple Crown of Presidential Experience; a Veteran of The United States Army (Semper Ra); former President of an Environmental Group, and Classical Foreign Policy experience in The United States Peace Corps.

My campaign book “President Kopitke: Towards an American Renaissance” is online.

Another book online is “On the Trail with the History Detective: Did Joseph Smith, Jr. have more than one wife; A Scholarly Review.”  Based on my research, I found no credible evidence that Brother Joseph had more than one wife.  In the book I recommend changing the LDS Historical Department Edict of November 2014 that claims Brother Joseph had around 40 wives; he did not.   

I'll update this page with links and more info tomorrow. 

Praise Ye The Lord,