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10 October 2015: Feeding the Lions

10 October 2015: Saturday: Feeding the Lions

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Great American Alternative News Media Press

Five Stories for You:

Story 1: “Wikileaks” has made public what it claims is a chapter from the Secret (I cannot believe I am typing “Secret” over a Bill before the Congress!), that deals with “Intellectual Property.”  Reviewers claim that the text points to censorship of those seeking to expose government corruption.  As I have been saying for months, TPP is bad for America; bad for American Jobs, and will fund the military of those who are seeking us ill. TPP is nothing but a 1% Bill that will make them more richer at the expense of American Jobs, and our National Security.  This is a very bad trade agreement.  Personally, anyone who supports this is not worthy of your vote.   This is NAFTA 2 (NAFTA 1 cost millions of jobs and thousands of Small Businesses to go under, and gutted our manufacturing base.

Story 2:  They came in the night and removed a copy of the Ten Commandments that was engraved on a massive six foot granite monument that was on grounds of on the Oklahoma State Capitol.  How sad.

Story 3:  Another study highlighted today shows the dangers of vaccines and the ingredients in them.  The link is below. Just another Scientific study that only the Great American Alternative News Media websites like this one, will publish.

Story 4:  The link below will tear your heart out.  The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has reviewed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and it shows just a very real heartbreaking trend of medicating our youth with strong medications.  Given that the FDA has been largely shut down in testing of these vaccines due to political donations to Democrats and Republicans (due to the Disease of Greed), thus providing no “oversight” or “Checks and Balances,” we should not be allowing this.  As President Kopitke, I’ll ensure our vaccines are safe.  

 Here are the numbers being reported:

There are 10,000 young children being prescribed ADHD drugs.  Over 274,000 children that are only “From Birth to One Year Old” are being given mental health drugs (psychiatric). Another statistic is cited of around 370,000 youth. 

Please read the link below for details.  As President Kopitke, I’ll work to make this safe for children; I need a donation and commitment to collect Signatures for Ballot Access.

Story 5:  Yesterday, I set up the ability to directly donate to the campaign; here is the link.  To Donate directly to the campaign using a secure platform.

Praise Ye The Lord,

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