Monday, October 12, 2015

12 October 2015: Websites Revised and Up

12 October 2015: Websites revised and up.

The following websites have been revised and are now up.

At the bottom of each page in the right hand corner is either a number or an arrow which shall henceforth promptly take you to the next page is my Official Presidential Campaign website. is my website about my book: On the Trail with the History Detective: Did Joseph Smith, Jr. have more than one wife: A Scholarly Review.  The book gives evidence that Brother Joseph only had one wife.  It proves that there is absolutely not one shred or piece of credible evidence that Joseph Smith, Jr. was married to anyone other than Emma. is about the developmental history of the National Korean War Museum. is about the developmental history of the Viet Nam War National Museum. is my website about a number of projects.

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