Tuesday, October 27, 2015

27 Oct 15: HPV; profits over Safety? Look to Sweden

27 Oct 15: HPV; profits over Safety? Look to Sweden 

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Four Stories for you:  

Story 1: A new report today states that there have been around 400 minor Earthquakes in California recently.  We should not have a Nuclear Power Plant in CA, or in Earthquake prone area; this is sheer madness and greed.   

Story 2:  There is a story out of whatreallyhappneed.com that states the United States is buying Russian helicopters.  I am serious.  As President Kopitke, I’ll buy American helicopters for our military.   See the link below.


Story 3:  HPV is not proved safe.  In fact on Youtube is a documentary from Sweden with testimony for girls who say the shot has harmed them.  Profits over safety.  As President Kopitke, I’ll stop mandatory vaccines. More on the dangers of forced vaccines and how it is a tool of Globalism below at the link:


Story 4:  Autism is growing so fast in America that one TV show is now going to have a major character that is Autistic.  Instead of accepting Autism as the norm, we should be fighting it, and this means fighting for safer vaccines.

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