Thursday, October 29, 2015

29 Oct 15: “Fear not, but have trust”

29 Oct 15: “Fear not, but have trust”

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Four Stories for you:

Story 1:  “Fear not, but have trust”  Below is a very inspiring speech by IAP Chairman Kelly Gneiting:

Story 2:  Results from “Common Core”:  Students in the Detroit Public School system have a 7% proficiency in Reading and 4% proficiency in Math.  Please see the link below:

Story 3: Selling Blood.  The 2009 Democratic Party Recession continues.  One media report states we now have more Americans selling their blood than ever before.

Story 4:  How the unemployment rate has been manipulated.  According to the story below, in 1994, Clinton changed how we count those unemployed.  The story claims that Clinton stopped counting the long-term unemployed.  Using the old method, we have about a 23% unemployment rate.  That seems a bit high to me, but it is hard to tell because “truth in statistics” is hard to determine.  As President Kopitke, I’ll restore true statistics.  See the link below:

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