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8 October 2015 The Internet under Attack

8 October 2015 Anno Domini

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s American Alternative News Press

Five News stories for You.

Caspian Sea, fired Kalibr NK (Klub) Cruise Missiles in a cruise missile strike against ISIS positions and Terrorists in Syria.
China also has a naval presence in the area and is projected to take part.  The ground offensive by elite Russian Spetsnaz ground forces is expected to increase.  As I have stated in my Presidential Campaign Issues and Position book, “President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance,” there has to be a reason for ISIS to have been allowed to massacre Christians at will in beheading them while our Military stood by and did nothing. Some “leaks” from the Military have claimed their requests to act to save Christians from beheadings were denied by persons in the White House.   I only hope these stories are false.   
We can expect Chinese ground forces in Syria and Iraq in the near future to join the Russian ground forces.  They are moving in to protect oil assets, and mineral mining deals.  
This is what we get for having three Presidents in a row with no prolonged military experience: I have Classical Military Experience; in fact I am the only top tier Presidential Candidate that does.  Thanks to for news points.

Story 2:  The internet continues to be under attack as Free Speech and Alternative News websites like this one are threatened.  Matt Drudge form the, was interviewed by Alex Jones at, and Matt stated there is a push to shut down Free Speech by crushing American Alternative Websites (like this one).  TPP has elements in the trade agreement that some feel are a pathway to censorship of the internet.  I oppose NAFTA and her sister law TPP; both are Small Business, and American Jobs, and American Freedom…destroyers.  Thanks to for news points.

Story 3:  Good news: Washington D.C. has a project to turn human waste into energy.  This is the way to go.

Story 4:  Some American workers are suing companies claiming that they were forced to lose their jobs, and train their replacements who were H-1B contractors.  When American Workers are available, H-1B contractors are not supposed to be hired to take jobs away from American Citizens. But they are doing this.  This is the 1% out of control once again; the Democrats and Republicans look the other way due to political contributions from the 1%.  As President Kopitke, I’ll stand up for the laws that protect American Workers.

Story 5:     With calls from both Democrats and Republicans for greater gun control, and pledges by some of “Presidential action through “Executive Actions,” September of 2015 broke a record for gun application clearances by the F.B I.  We must protect the 2nd Amendment.  I point out, it appears that all or almost all of the “Mass Killers” were on SRI drugs, which I have found, blocks the “Light of Reasoning” more commonly known as your “Moral Judgment” or “conscience.”

Story 6:  Bonus story for today.  Citizens for Tax Justice reports today that Apple is holding $181 Billion dollars overseas.  If they were to bring that money home, we would have a great deal of money for education, and social programs and other social justice and social progressive programs, and health programs, and environmental programs to develop clean energy.
Please help me Save America and Save our Constitution and Save our Earth.   Please share this Blog with five people and make a contribution to my Presidential Campaign, and buy one for my PDF EBooks books and print it out and give it to a friend.

It is your America; stand up for it; don’t let anyone steal your Freedom.

Praise Ye The Lord,



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