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9 October 2015: Why some of the 1% will support my campaign

9 October 2015: Why some of the 1% will support me. 

Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Great American Alternative New Press:

Five Stories for you:

Story 1: is citing a report from Japan indicating that children living near the still leaking Japan Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power plant (leaking since 2011) are testing at a rate of 137 children having Thyroid Cancer out of only 370,000 children (August study).  This 137/370,000 compared to the normal range of one to two children per year per million.  Author Toshihide Tsuda stated this ranges between 30 to 50 times normal.  My Fellow American, I am the only Presidential Candidate talking about this.  As President Kopitke, I will work with Japan and Nuclear Experts to stop this leak, and stop the cover up.  This leak goes into the air and water.    You are eating radiated fish; you will get cancer.  You, your children and family loved ones, too will develop Thyroid Cancer if we do not stop this.  Please help me Save the Earth.  Please help me Save You.  For the sake of our children; do something to help my campaign.  Don’t just sit there and be an American Clown; be an Activist American Patriot.

Story 2: Our Supreme Court ruled today that forced and mandatory Vaccines for children are OK with them.  I repeat what I have stated before; Forced Vaccines under the Nuremberg Convention is a War Crime.  Please see my book: “President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance.”

Story 3:  Story three is from Tiffany Kary that appeared in Bloomberg News.  A very well written piece. I’ll briefly tell you, then you can read the rest at the link.   Three Scientists are challenging the FDA ruling that claimed a toothpaste ingredient called “Triclosan” is safe.   This ingredient is linked in studies to prostate cancer, bones issues, birth related and early developmental issues.  Also cancer cell growth in animals including fetal bone issues.  This drug was found to appear in the urine of 75% of 2,517 Americans who were tested.  It is also found in the water we drink and in the fish we eat.  So you not only get from the toothpaste, and hand soaps and plastics (that kids play with) but you get it from the water you drink and food you eat. 

So here is the deal My Fellow Americans, I am the only top tier Presidential Candidate speaking about this.   
The EPA and FDA are owned by the Democrats and Republicans who are owned by the 1%.   A President Kopitke, I’ll ban this chemical from foods, plastics and other uses.  Stop whining and do something to avoid being 1 in 5 who develop breast or prostate cancer; the rates are getting worse.         

Story 4:  There is an underground fire burning in the Saint Louis area.  It is burning near a Nuclear Waste Site/dump.  It the fire and the Nuclear Waste dump meet, then expect a major negative event with leaking radiation.  Do we need to worry about an explosion?  As President Kopitke, I’ll work to clean up sites like this.  The EPA identified it way back in 1990 and has done nothing.  

Link below:

Story 5: is up in Beta Version. 

The reason that some of the 1% will support me is that they too see the whole system crashing because the Democrats and Republicans are for sale to the highest bidder, and that they have no military, foreign policy or environmental experience.  The only “experience” they have is in begging for vast amounts of money from the 1%, and then paying them back through favorable legislation, grants, no bid contracts, and so forth.  Some of the 1% see this as a course to utter and dramatic collapse.  They will support me because I am the only top tier candidate who actually has classical military, classical foreign policy and classical environmental experience. Please remember our campaign in your prayers.

Praise Ye The Lord
Please read one verse from The Holy Scriptures today,

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