Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th, 2015 Anno Domini: TPP is the downfall of our Republic

Hello Friends and Fellow Patriots,

I have been thinking what I should call my daily Blog.  Perhaps, it should be something like, "Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke's Daily American Alternative News Blog."  We shall see what comes of it per a title.

Here are four things you should know for the 5th of October, 2015 Anno Domini.

1.  Today TPP was announced to have passed international approval.  This means, the worst "trade deal" in the History of America is coming into reality.  Some call this "NAFTA 2"; NAFTA was the trade agreement pushed by Bush 1 and Clinton 1 that tanked our economy and gave us  the destruction of the Great American Middle-Class by sending our jobs overseas.  NAFTA gutted Small Businesses, and gutted our Great American Manufacturing industry.  When you elect me as President, then I will do all I can to roll back NAFTA.

TPP is economic poison for American jobs and manufacturing; good though for the 1% who will make more short-term profits.  TPP will hit Unions, Farmers, Small Businesses, Retired Folks, Veterans, those on Food Stamps, those on SSI, those with Student Loans, hard in the gut.

The text of TTP has not been released to the public.  In fact, members in Congress never read it either.  It was 800 pages long (so they say).  How far our nation and Congress has fallen when Congress does not allow the American People to see what it votes on.  How far our nation has fallen when members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans vote for bills they do not read.

Part of the problem here my Fellow Americans, is we have people negotiating "foreign agreements" who have no classical foreign policy experience. I need to point out to you that I am the only top tier Presidential Candidate who has actual Classical Foreign Policy Experience. Please check out the beta version of my Campaign Website to learn what "Classical Foreign Policy Experience" is.  I negotiated over 100 "agreements" while in my Diplomatic capacity while serving in the United States Peace Corps.  Under my leadership (no I am not bragging, but I have to help you see my skill levels), each of the over 100 "agreements" were a Victory for the United States of America.

TPP will lead to a greater "Trade Deficit."  We have around a $50 Billion dollar Monthly Trade Deficit; about $30 Billion with China alone.  As President Kopitke, parity in trade will be required.  Just think how many jobs in America, that paid a living wage, we could have if we had parity in trade.  That is Leadership; that will be "President Kopitke."

2.  Another story in the news today is that 15 of the 28 EU members are seeking to ban GMOs.  Why; because there are solid Scientific Studies showing GMOs harm humans.  As President Kopitke,  I'll work to ban GMOs in America (unless shown safe by real deal Scientific Studies).

3.  Karl Marx the Communist, taught that to "take-over" a society or nation, you must first destroy her history; the history of that nation. In our case; the destruction of American History.   In the news today, is the report that at one school out West, "America Day" was cancelled.  It was reported that some felt the term "American" was offensive.  Yes; I am serious. As President Kopitke, I will bring back the teaching our our noble American History back into the classrooms of American Schools.       

4. My Official Campaign Website is up in Beta mode at  There is no spell checker on the software I used, so if you see something amiss, please let me know so I can fix it.

My Campaign Goal for the Week is to post up on the Internet, all five of my websites.  What is your Goal to help my Campaign this week.   I continue to look for donors and volunteers to help with Signature Gathering.

Please help me stop the carnage of  The Constitution of The United States of America, and you her people so Blessed by Almighty God.

Please remember that only Faith in The Blood of The Lord Jesus Christ and sincere Repentance can Save America.  Please read one verse today from The Holy Scriptures, and please remember me in your prayers as I seek to Save our America, our Constitution, our Environment and our Earth, as I seek to preserve Christianity.

Praise Ye The LORD,


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