Thursday, November 12, 2015

12 Nov 15: Are there Cancer Causing chemicals in Tampons?

12 Nov 15: Are there Cancer Causing chemicals in Tampons? 
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Four Stories for you:

Story 1:  Are there cancer causing chemicals in tampons?  Please see below:

Story 2:  Did you know it costs $64,000 to settle just one person?

Story 3:  EU seeking to close down the Alternative News Media in Europe by taxing the use of links. If they succeed there; it comes here; good-bye Freedom of the Internet.  See the link below:
Story 4:  By allowing Iran to keep American Hostages, and not have them released prior to the Iran>American Nuclear Fast Track to the Nuclear Bomb” agreement, Republicans and Democrats have empowered Iran Sponsored Terrorists to take more American Hostages without fear of reprisal.   A few weeks ago an American in Yemen was kidnapped by Iran sponsored and Iran backed Terrorists know as the “Houthi Rebels.”  Yesterday, on Veterans Day, the American Hostage was murdered.  American Hostage, John Haman, who was a father of 7 children, and a Veteran sacrificed his life for our Freedom in Yemen.  Part of this is because we continue to elect Presidents who have no “Classical” Military Experience, and no “Classical” Foreign Policy Experience. 

Please note this is being covered in the London Daily Mail.  Please see the link below:  

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