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14 Nov 15: This is what you get when you allow Iran to keep American Hostages

14 Nov 15:  This is what you get when you allow Iran to keep American Hostages

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Three Stories for you:

Story 1:  By dawn’s early light here in the United States, reports are in that 127 persons were murdered in Paris.  The count will rise.  This is what we get for electing one President after another who has no Classical Military experience, and no Classical Foreign Policy experience.  By allowing Iran to get a “green light” to develop nuclear bombs, and allowing Iran to get away with funding terrorism that kills American Soldiers, and by allowing Iran to keep American Hostages while still getting Billions of dollars in aid, what do you expect?  A week ago an American was murdered by Terrorists in Yemen.  A few weeks ago, an American was held hostage in Iran.  What do you expect?  When you give a green light to bullies, you empower them.  
Story 2:  Every parent who is thinking of giving their daughters HPV vaccines, should which this HPV news story.   As President Kopitke, I’ll stop this madness of greed causing little girl’s lives to be destroyed.  The video that focuses on New Zealand victims, is close to a similar news piece out of Sweden.

Story 3:  Our economy is so bad now, that Germany has more exports than we do?  I wish that news story was incorrect.  Just think of all of the wealth and good paying jobs if we had parity in trade, or near parity, instead of a $50 Billion Dollar a month Trade Deficit.

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