Wednesday, November 18, 2015

19 Nov 15: 8 Syrians caught at Texas Border

19 Nov 15:  8 Syrians caught at Texas Border 

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Five Stories for you:

Story 1:  It is a significant Human Trait that we react to circumstances.  Due to Common Core and other “Dumbing Down” of Americans, we seldom are taught to “project forward” our thoughts and plan out for possible events.  So how many more Americans will have to die before we get serious on Border Enforcement, and Immigration Reform?  See the story below:

Story 2:  Domestic Terrorism story below:

Story 3: Drug prescriptions are important to our individual and national health.  Like anything dealing with money, there is the possibility of abuse.  One concern is the over prescription of antibiotics. Please see the great story below:

Story 4:  Video of Russian drones taking out hundreds of ISIS oil tankers.  The natural question is why did not we do this long ago?  This is why some claim the USA created ISIS.  Are we in a Defense Contractor Profit War for the 1% and their Political Hacks, or are we fighting Terrorists; may people are asking this.

Story 5:  Dangers of Fracking.  To learn the dangers of Fracking, please visit the website below.  As President Kopitke, I’ll seek to protect our water aquifers by stopping Fracking.   We cannot repair our water aquifers.

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