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2 Nov 15: The Constitution, versus Globalism and her One World Government of the New World Order

2 Nov 15: The Constitution, versus Globalism and her One World Government of the New World Order

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Several Stories for you:

Story 1:  I have posted a new Presidential Campaign video about the epic battle between The Constitution of The United States of America, versus Globalism and her One World Government of a New World Order.  
Below is the link:

Story 2:  Yesterday, there was a fire and explosion at the Nuclear Power Plant in Doel Belgium.  The 46 mile radius is home to 9 million Dutch and Belgium citizens.  As I have stated before, Nuke Plants are toys of the 1% and Globalism, to suppress Clean Energy progress, and keep us enslaved to high energy prices.  There are safer Energy Forms being suppressed to keep the “money” flowing “between” the 1%.

Story 3:  Beginning January 1st, 2016, the Federal Government through Medicare will start paying Doctors to encourage you to end your life when you have serious ill health, and are considered “near death.”
I ask you my Fellow Americans; is this what you want?  I ask you my Fellow Americans….what comes next?  These “End-of-Life-Discussions” that are also known as “Advance Planning,” open up several wrong doors against Personal Civil Liberty; the Federal Government is out of control.

Story 4:  It is reported that Kraft Heinz is considering closing three plants in New York State.  Why was Kraft and Heinz allowed to merge in the first place?  Where will these jobs be relocated; overseas?  As President Kopitke, I’ll fight against 1% mergers that send our jobs overseas and send families to the poor house because of a loss of jobs.

Story 5:   Writer Carl Herman reports that the 1% are hiding $20 to $30 Trillion Dollars in off shore bank accounts where they are not taxed.

Story 6:    The major news media failed to report on this:  I will.  During the time period of September 25th, 2015 to September 27th, 2015, the United Nations began her pal for Agenda 2030.   The document calls it a “New Universal Agenda.”  

Part of it seeks to have a singular ID card, which will have the information on you and I and your loved reported to a firm in Switzerland.  Is this what you want?  As President Kopitke, I will fight against this.   

This “Biometric ID Card” is part of the so-called “Sustainable Development Goal” “ID4D.”  We must stop this.    

You have to understand My Fellow Americans, that TPP, Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030 all seek to lower our economy while bringing up other nations with the goal of destroying our Constitution and ushering in a One World Government of a New World Order.  

If you think I am daft, then please go to your favorite internet search engine and search under the words: “New World Order quotes.”  Now you understand why they want to close down the Freedom of Speech on the Internet, and have (first) the Federal Government monitor it, (second) then turn it over to an “international group.”  Please also go to Youtube and search under those same terms.

Another move for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are Robot Driven or Computer Driven Cars and Trucks.  Still another “agenda” item is to make us a “cashless” society so they can track all of your purchases.  This is being rolled out in Sweden now.   As President Kopitke, I’ll fight against these Evil Designs by the Globalists.  I need your prayers, and Signatures for Ballot Access.  I need you to share this Blog with five others please.  (Thanks to Michael Snyder for News Points).

Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; donate and volunteer.

Praise Ye The Lord,
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Once again: My latest Presidential Campaign Video is here:

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