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20 Nov 15: Why is our whole Medical World collapsing around us?

20 Nov 15:  Why is our whole Medical World collapsing around us?

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Three Stories for you: 

Story 1:  We begin by asking why is our whole Medical World around us collapsing?  It is because of the Disease of Greed.  We see reports where around 50% of major operations are questioned when reviewed by other Medical Reviewing boards.  We see reports of millions of Americans on Medications that other Doctors say are not needed.  Obama Care (“Nixon-Obama Care” from an actual Historical Perspective) has placed huge monthly premiums on millions of Americans, and companies are now often hiring only part-time workers to avoid Nixon-Obama Care costs.  Our Vaccines, including the new HHS National Adult Immunization Plan, are not safe as they should be.  

What is happening here is that the Democrats and Republicans are so bought off by the 1% that they are not serving as “watch-dogs” like they are supposed to do so.  These obscene amounts of political donations are causing the Disease of Greed where all ethics and morals are blinded.  This is also due to the fact that we don’t read our Holy Scriptures, nor do we Fast, nor do we keep the Sabbath Day Holy.  We have to Return to Christ if we want virtue.  Without virtue there is no respect or morals.
All of this Medical Industry Greed due to the Disease of Greed is snowballing out of control.  Yesterday in the news are reports of the dangers of the over prescription of antibiotics, and the use of antibiotics in animals (and who knows what else), to the point where humans are building up a resistance.  Some Medical Researchers and Experts are saying we are crossing a dangers line where our antibiotics will not work.  Millions to Billions will die unless we right this.  Yes, I said “Billions”; if we have an epidemic, and antibiotics do not work then, Millions to Billions can die.  

Why am I the only Candidate for President speaking about this issue?  Because I am not owned by the 1%.    
This is a huge National Security, and National Defense Issue, and Economic Issue.  For once we cross the Rubicon, we could quickly see a Global Pandemic wiping out Millions, which would force us to close our Borders.  

And you think embellishing this risk?  We are each Children of our Life’s Experiences.  My Great-Grandmother lost her parents within days of each other in Cincinnati during a major Flu Outbreak.  She spent time at the Saint Aloysius Orphanage.  As President Kopitke, I’ll seek to reform these Medical Issues, which are National Defense and National Economic Issues.  Please see the link below for the story on the overuse of antibiotics.

Story 2:  Dioxin, radiation from Nuke tests, Agent Orange, saccharine; each generation of Americans has had their own unique chemical challenges.  Today, Glyphosate is one of the top challenges for the current generation.  GMOs are another key challenge. 
Today, I bow my head in sadness and report that GMO Salmon has been approved.  It is on the way to your dinner table.  As far as I am concerned, it has not been tested enough.  This could be a nightmare situation that we cannot control.  GMO changes the genes of food.  We do not have enough study here folks.  As President Kopitke, I’ll implement sound Scientific Studies. 
You are not a Ginny Pig.  Below is a link about the GMO Salmon.  

Story 3: VA bans Christmas Tree display.  General and Presidnet, George Washington must be weeping in Heaven.

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