Saturday, November 21, 2015

21 Nov 15: How does ISIS have $2 Trillion in assets?

21 Nov 15:   How does ISIS have $2 Trillion in assets?

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Six Stories for you:

Story 1:  How does ISIS have $2 Trillion in assets?  As I have stated before, if you cut funding then you lower the impact level of that army or organization. This is what happens when we elect Presidents and Vice Presidents that do not have Classical Military of Foreign Policy Experience, but only 1% experience.

Story 2:  Is massive Immigration bringing back the Whooping Cough, or is it the vaccines, or a combination of both?  Please see the link below:

Story 3:  I am writing some more on Glyphosate.  This is wrong folks for us to use on Earth.  Please see the link below:

Story 4: Is vegetable oil safe to cook our food in.  Great story by Heather in the Natural Blaze; please see below:

Story 5:  How they treat our Soldiers; please see the link below:  

Story 6:  Stories on the dangers of Fracking

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