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23 Nov 15: The Effects of unchecked Immigration; Florida’s Orange crop devastated

23 Nov 15:  The Effects of unchecked Immigration; Florida’s Orange crop devastated

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Four Stories for you:

Story 1:  73 Airport employees on Terror Watch List.  This is important because many of those involved in the Paris Attack were on various “Terror” watch-lists.

Story 2: Another story to break your heart.  I will not even comment on it because it is so bad. I will just say that, My Fellow Americans, I can fix this, but I need your help in collecting Signatures so I can have Ballot Access.

Story 3:  The link below is an article from LibertyBlitzkrieg.  The article discusses the challenges of providing “security” versus “Civil Liberties”; below is a portion of my response.

“Please.....your language.  How can I share your great post with my friends with the foul language?  You have a great website for Freedom, please make it more family friendly.  Besides, don't you realize that the "use of foul language" is a Globalist NWO agenda item?
Your topic is stressful to consider; or at least it should be.  I lost a child in a terrorist attack, and a year earlier I was attacked with a hand grenade. Our Life Experiences shape us.  So, I am supportive of operations that require some monitoring. 

Right now Michael, there are "bad people" plotting to kill us and use nukes, EMTs, Bio (and on and on) against us.  Part of being President is stopping these attacks.  Muskets still misfire but the enemy does not use them; they use Bio, and nukes and other items like trying to hack a computer at a nuke plant to cause a meltdown.

We need to use all available means to stop these bad folks.  As President, I'll seek to balance privacy as outlined in our Beloved and Sacred Constitution with Civil Rights.”
Here is the link (beware of foul language).   

Story 4: The Effects of unchecked Immigration; Florida’s Orange crop devastated.  Due to unchecked Immigration, some immigrants have smuggled in illegal plants. These plants carry diseases, which is now unfolding across our nation. In this case study example, an illegal plant was smuggled into our nation, and as a consequence, our Orange Crop is being devastated. Please see the link below: 

Please read one verse from Holy Writ today.

Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; donate and volunteer.
P.S. Please share with two other persons today. 

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