Friday, November 27, 2015

28 Nov 15: While you were not looking: 2,224 new Federal Regulations

28 Nov 15:  While you were not looking: 2,224 new Federal Regulations

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Three Stories for you:  

Story 1:  24 Environmentalists in France have been placed under “House Arrest” so they cannot “protest” in the streets during the Globalist Meeting next week.  We who are Environmentalists, cannot allow the “Globalists of The One World Government of The New World Order” to hijack the Environmental Movement.  You can tell they are Globalists, because they never mention closing down Nuclear Power Plants, which are now our gravest Environmental threat.

Story 2:  China is quickly taking over our place as leader, in Africa.  This is due to our funding their economy which gives them more money for international, local and military development. The 1% is dragging America down against through the Disease of Greed.

Story 3: While you were praying over your Thanksgiving Diner, the Federal Government rolled out around 2,224 new Federal Regulations.   They often do this at holidays because the media is busy or is down.   We need less Federal Regulations and more Small Business and Personal Freedoms.

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