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30 Nov 15: Military Tactical Analysis of Turkey-Russian “air plane downing”

30 Nov 15:  Military Tactical Analysis of Turkey-Russian “air plane downing” 

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Four Stories for you:  

Story 1:  From my years of experience within the frame work from Classical Military Experience (service in The United States Army), Classical Foreign Policy experience (service in The United States Peace Corps), and in other areas, such as a Museum Director for two National War Museums), I would like to share some thoughts on a Military Tactical Analysis of the Turkey-Russian “air plane downing.”
In the story below, Russia accuses Turkey of buying oil from ISISIS; now Turkey is accusing Russia of buying oil from ISIS.  A few days ago, Turkey shot down a Russian plane.  Turkey claimed that the Russian Plane flew over Turkish air space for a few moments.  “Moments” in this case is estimated at between 17 to 70 seconds.  

 It is noted that Turkey has stated Russia has done this on a number of times.  Russia claims Turkey has violated Syrian airspace over 1,000 times.  The president of Turkey is quoted as saying that Syria should not have shot down one of their jets a while back for being over Syria air space for a few moments. 
Turkey is part of NATO.  Russia, gives to the United States, their “flight plans” so we do not have a major dog fight between United States/NATO/Russian planes.

Turkey is part of NATO.  To place this in perspective, when Turkey (NATO) shot down the Russian plane, it was the first time (acknowledged) since 1953 that NATO shot down a Russian plane (according to media reports).  The reason that it has not happened since 1953 is because both sides have nuclear weapons and it does not take much for a small incident to mushroom into a nuclear mushroom.

It takes time for a jet to launch and lock on to a target.  Thus we see that either the United States or some other NATO country, provided the “Flight Plan for this particular SU-24 jet that was shot down to Turkey, and that Turkey must have had a plan to shoot down this plane.  The Turkish planes were probably already instructed to shoot down the Russian SU-24 plane.  This analysis comes from the fact that an order cannot be issued that quickly (within 17 to 70 seconds) of a plane flying through Turkish airspace. 
What is very troubling, is that Turkey is part of NATO, and there is supposed to be a joint NATO military Command Center where these issues are discussed before action is taken.  During The Cold War I was stationed in West Germany (Called “West” at the time); we were considered part of NATO.  All of our drills were run through NATO.  So we have to ask why NATO (including The United States) allowed Turkey to shoot down the Russian jet.  If NATO (including The United States) were clueless in all of this, this then shows a significant break down in the Rules of Engagement that are supposed to cover these incidents, so they do not happen, and we don’t stumble into a nuclear war.  I also point out that The United States has a large Air Force base in Turkey, and was watching this happen. 

This means either NATO (including The United States) signed off on the prior plan of the downing of the Russian SU-24, or there was a total break-down in Chain-of- Command and Rules of Engagement protocols and leadership.  Either scenario is terrible.

For several months, the international media, and some foreign leaders have been claiming that Turkey has been buying oil from ISIS.  A few weeks ago, Russia started bombing ISIS oil depots and trucks; their videos of the massive destruction of ISIS oil tankers has not been questioned by anyone.  As I have written before, why was ISIS allowed to have massive oil income for so long, and to continue to butcher and beheaded Christians, without any serious attempt to stop their oil income?  That answer is very clear; some power people were skimming some of the oil profits and were looking the other way.   

The allowance by the White House, Democrats and Republicans for ISIS oil income to go unabated, and the continued funding that allowed scores of innocent Christian men, women and children to be butchered and beheaded ranks as the most repulsive and sadistic and incompetent and treacherous foreign policy actions our nation has ever done.  What is also awful beyond measure is that the Main Stream News Media has covered all of this up for the most part.  You can only find this in the international press and the American Alternative Media.  This is why the 1% and the Globalists of the New World Order want to shut down the internet.

President Erdogan has stated he will resign if credible evidence is presented that Turkey is buying oil from ISIS.  Well someone sure is, as ISIS is reported to be making “millions a day” from selling their oil.  Some very powerful nations and people are allowing these sales to go forward.  Some bad people are making a lot of money off this while Christian are slaughtered.   

As I have stated before, if you want to ruin an “army” (like ISIS), you cut off their funding and go after their “funders.”  As President Kopitke, that will be my course of action. 

To allow ISIS to bank “millions a day” gives them the power to buy weapons of mass destruction, that can cause attacks on our nuclear power plants, EMPs, chemical attacks on our water supplies, hacking our power grid, or hacking military computer sites with the goal of causing weapons to be launched against our will.  Times have changed and we are not using muskets any longer.  We have to stop allowing “bad” people to build up so we can sell more bombs so that defense contractors and the 1% can make more political donations so that they can be repaid by massive “contracts” where they score millions to billions in profits. We can’t allow this to go on; the growth of an enemy cannot be managed like it used to be by the war- profiteers.

With Russia bombing ISIS oil tankers, if Turkey and other NATO members were under pressure from the 1% who must be making money off the sale of ISIS oil, were indeed seeing a loss of income, then they would naturally plan to send a message to Russia by shooting down one of her planes.   I do not have access to the raw data, but it does not appear that Russia has stopped bombing the “1% Oil Tankers managed with 1% ISIS partners.”  Note my wordage in the before-hand sentence.  Show me where I am wrong here. 

I note that some pilots in The United States Military have complained that the White House has not allowed them to attack certain targets, and that also over 50% (50% to 70%) of bombs are not dropped.  Right there folks is a major red flag telling you what is and what is not happening. 
Russian has deployed a missile system on the ground in Syria and a ship just off the coast of Syria.   Don’t be amazed if Russia shoots down a jet over Syria as payback.   The shooting down of the Russian jet by Turkey should not have happened. Turkey and NATO may have been pressured by the 1% who were making huge amounts of money from the ISIS oil transactions; just another classic case of the 1% trying to protect their “profits and income” at the expense of mortal lives, and risking a nuclear war.   As President Kopitke, I’ll base our National Military Strategy, and National Defense Policy, on sound Military Tactics and not the vested interests of “income and profits” for the 1% war-profiteers and their political puppets who they donate to.            

Story 2:  For those who want an intellectual review of the development of the Globalist lead agenda for a One World Government of a New World Order (first here in the United States is a “transition plan” into a “North American Union”) please see the below article.  In uncertain times; certain experience matters.

Story 3:  Story 3 deals with the “Abuse” by the 1% and Globalists to level our national economy.  Please see below:

Story 4:  Just tell me please how did ISIS drive around in convoy form, scores of Toyota trucks, and our White House did nothing for over 15 months?  This is why the International media claims that we created and are supporting ISIS, and funding them.  I hope these claims in the international media are incorrect.  As President Kopitke; I will not support ISIS.  Our Military did nothing?  Notice how the top Democrats and Republicans and the Main Stream News Media cover this up?  Perhaps it is because their loyalty is with the goal of a One World Government of a New World Order and not the Constitution of The United States of America; you tell me.

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