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6 Nov 15: Honoring Captain Richard N. Nelson, Jr.

6 Nov 15: Honoring Captain Richard N. Nelson, Jr.

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Four Stories for you:

Story 1:  Naturally, as I am running for President, I am seeking to build a core volunteer base.  In doing so, I am contacting some person who I have known over the years. 
In the early AM, I searched for Captain Richard N. Nelson, Jr. who I served under during some temporary duty at the Hyde Park Recruiting Station, just outside Fort Sheridan, Illinois back in 1976.   He so inspired me and Blessed me.

As I searched for contact information, I found the sad news that he had passed into the Heavens in 1981.  Cause of death is listed as “self inflicted.”
Captain Nelson, who was later promoted to “Major,” suffered horrific wounds in Viet Nam, that left him with massive pain.   While in pain, he always sought to be cheerful and optimistic.  Born on May 24th, 1947, he went on to marry a girl he met at a dance while wearing his uniform.   He often spoke of his wife as the love of his life.   I have posted today an inspiring Letter of Commendation he wrote to me as I was being transferred to Germany.

Story 2:  The text of TPP (NAFTA 2) was released today.  In the Preamble it states, “AFFIRM that state-owned enterprises can play a legitimate role in the diverse economies.”  IS this a move by the Federal Government to take over more Small Businesses and larger companies?  This is just another “drive” to drive away competition from the 1% owned companies so that their profits can be protected. 

Story 3: Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and her sister TPP (which is5,554 pages long), is a crass act against our National Sovereignty.  It creates the “Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission,” which is a draconian global governance authority moving us more down the road to a Globalist One World Government of a New World Order.  As President Kopitke, I’ll seek to remove TPA and TPP and NAFTA.

5 billion bq of strontium 90
2 billion bq of cesium 137
1 billion bq of tritium * (later corrected to 150)

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