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10 Dec 15: High Fructose gets a new name; still the same danger

10 Dec 15:  High Fructose gets a new name; still the same danger

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Seven Stories for you:

Story 1:  High Fructose gets a new name; still the same danger.

Story 2:  The Disease of Greed knows no bounds as little children are now being given high end Psychiatric Drugs.  Our whole Prescription Drug system is now run on greed instead of common sense and values for the health of patents.  That is why 2 Vets a day are killing themselves because SSRI drugs block values, and create depression to the point of taking a life or lives.  As President Kopitke, I will work to allow Weed as an alternative treatment.

Story 3: North Korea today announced that it now has developed a Hydrogen Bomb.  The Clinton Nuclear deal only gave North Korea a Fast Track to developing nuclear weapons and now a more powerful Hydrogen Bomb.  The Iran deal, was basically done by the same people, and supported by the same people.  North Korea now has subs that can post of the coast of the United States and launch nuclear missiles.  These North Korean subs were funds by China due to us giving them a $50 Billion Dollar a month trade advantages over us.  This was due to the greed of the 1%, many of whom moved their companies overseas to avoid paying taxes (etc.)   As President Kopitke, I’ll fight to ensure the 1% pay their fair share of taxes, and when companies move overseas, they have to pay a higher tax rate.  I’ll also make sure or monthly Trade Deficit is lowered to parity the best I can.  

Story 4:  More Vaccine Cover-ups.

Story 5:  More Vaccine Madness.  Just the 1% Globalists trying to fry your brains and your children’s brains so they can pen you like pigs; they won’t let you get in the way of their Disease of Greed addictions of their income and continual power.  Lookey here now My Fellow Americans and see how the Democrats and Republicans are so bought off. 

Story 6:  One of the stories I have been following for months, and that is of great concern, is that Iraq may ask the United States Military to leave Iraq and replace us with Russian Forces.  Because Team Obama appears to have created ISIS, and can now killing many in Iraq, this is an expected development. This has been, and is, a very poor Foreign Policy pattern here by Team Obama.  This occurs when you have persons who have no actual Classical Foreign Policy Experience (like I have).  Appointing Political Donors who have no real world and real time experience is a disaster in the making; we are seeing it now unfold before our very eyes.  As President Kopitke, I’ll seek to rebuild our Foreign Service Corps, and bring back appropriate protocols.

Story 7: Cancer Causing Chemicals in everyday Products.

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