Tuesday, December 15, 2015

15 Dec 15: Was there a Terrorist Hacking Attack at a New York Nuclear Power Plant today?

15 Dec 15:  Was there a Terrorist Hacking Attack at a New York Nuclear Power Plant today? 

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Nine Stories for you:

Story 1:  Was there a Terrorist Hacking at a New York Nuclear Power Plant today?  Why is this not being covered in the 1% Controlled Mainstream News Media?  Today, as you can read in the story below (just follow the link), a Nuke plant had to shut down due to a power electrical issue.  Was this due to a Terrorist Hacker trying to blow up a Nuke Plant outside of New York City.  Before you say “Nay” remember that ISIS had two Terrorists caught in Greece with WMD materials just this week. 
As President Kopitke, I’ll create a separate Power Grid that cannot be hacked by Terrorists.    


Story 2:  I hope the story below is false but it looks similar to news reports I have seen over the years.  Why are the Democrats and Republicans allowing this?  Is it because they want to take away our Civil Liberties and replace our Constitution with a Globalist led One World Government of a New World Order?


Story 3:   It does nto get much worse than this:

Story 4:  Pro Freedom Hackers around the world, discovered who is sending pro ISIS Tweets; they were tracked back to the British Government.  See the story below.  This is why some feel many of these “events” are “False Flags.”  A “False Flag” is where a government does something (usually killing a few of her own citizens) to take away more Civil Liberties and preserve the income, perpetual power and profits of the 1%.

Story 5:  Having a real deal Immigration policy is what I’ll do as President Kopitke  

Story 6:   You cannot make this stuff up:

Story 7:  Another gross violation of States’ Rights.

Story 8: Another Nuke plant almost wipes out millions of lives.   

Story 9:  Another Nuke plant wiping out millions of lives.


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