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23 Dec 15: Understanding why your child has “development” health problems

23 Dec 15:  Understanding why your child has “development” health problems.

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Seven Stories for you:

Story 1:  Understanding why your child has “development” health problems. Chemicals known as “Parabens” are found in many of the top snacks and foods our children and also adults eat here in the United States.  Many of these Hormone Damaging and Disrupting chemicals (food additives) are “banned” in other countries.  Why are they “banned”; because they harm your body and the muscular, mental, and emotional, and spiritual and psychological development; get it; got it.  For “Decades” Scientific studies have shown the harm, yet the Democrats and Republicans continue to leave these dastardly chemicals in your foods and water.  Why; they are addicted to the Disease of Greed, and have lost their Spiritual and Moral and Ethical compass. Or tell me why they allow this?  As President Kopitke, I’ll fight to remove these life damaging chemicals because you are of more value than the stock prices of the 1%.    

Story 2:  Retro Flashback: In April of 2015, an Italian Study concluded that specially trained sniffing dogs, can detect certain types of cancer to a high degree of accuracy.  Once again, America fails to lead.  As President Kopitke, America will lead again.  Thanks to Doctor Claire Guest with her pioneering work in this important medical field. 

Story 3:   Retro Flashback:  Back in April of 2015, it was reported that around 39,000 Australian children were going to have their State Benefits withdrawn because their parents challenged the safety of vaccines.  The “program” is called “No jab then no pay.”  I pause to note that in the Christian/Patriot/Truth/Pro Constitution Community, there are opinions expressed that claim that Australia has become the “baby development incubator” for Globalist laws of oppression.  You can decide for yourself.  I am concerned over this charge.  So the question becomes, will the United States follow the bad example of Australia?

Story 4:  Who owns are Water Aquifers?  There are reports that the 1% are buying up many of our best and most vital Water Aquifers.  Oil, water, electricity, etc; The Disease of Greed in action.  And why is Canada building a Nuke center near America’s Treasured Water Aquifers; not leadership from the Democrats and Republicans to stop it.

Story 5:  There is a story that as far back as 1981 the EPA and Monsanto knew that there was a questionable link between mammals developing cancer from exposure to glyphosate.   As President Kopitke, I’ll place your well being and health above corporate profits.   Corporations are good, they, just like individuals, need fair boundaries, so that they do not go off center.  Corporations and profits make the American Dream hum along.  Part of The American Dream is making a “fair” profit that does not hurt the people.

Story 6:  I have written many times about the importance of protecting our Power Grid.  Below is a story backing up my positions.

Story 7:  Pollution is causing the Bee population to decline.  This will in turn have a negative impact on our food production.  As President Kopitke, rest assured, I will pursue finding out what pollutants are causing the Great American Bee Die Off, and will fight to remove those said pollutants from our eco system.

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