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28 Dec 15: Classical Foreign Policy Experience

28 Dec 15:  Classical Foreign Policy Experience 

Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press

Fourteen Stories for you:

Story 1: In the Right Claw of the American Eagle of the Seal of The President of The United States of America, is an Olive Branch.  Second only after Military Experience, is the need for actual Foreign Policy Experience.  I am the only Presidential Candidate who has actual “Classical Foreign Policy Experience.”   In brief, “Classical Foreign Policy Experience is being station as a Diplomat representing the government of The United States of America in a foreign country for a extended period of time, and also learning to speak the native language, and conduct negotiations that favor the goals of the United States of America Foreign Policy; I did this as I served in The United States Peace Corps.  Visit to learn more. 

Story 2: I want to review a past and current Foreign Policy Failure, that continues to bewail our nation, and could cause a World War III event if not handled right.  Part of actual Diplomacy is to make risk adverse in lower percentages.  When the Cold War was ending President Reagan looked to create a buffer zone between Europe (NATO) and Russia.  Created were a group of nations that were so to speak not heavily aligned with either Russia or NATO.  This gave NATO and Russia breathing room, and allowed for an area where there was a safe distance. 

As a new generation of leaders in NATO (that included the United States among the Democrats and Republicans) arose, they did not have a schooling in Diplomacy or American History.  They were schooled however in greed and the Disease of Greed.  Therefore, they sought mineral rich Ukraine, including the vast Natural Gas fields.   Regrettably, the Great American Alternative News Media (and some of the Foreign Press) is reporting that the State Department from 2008 onward sought to create a regime change in Ukraine.  Some reports indicate that around $5 Billion American Dollars went into this. The change in government occurred in February of 2014.  This then caused Russia to move into the Crimea. Now Ukraine and the breakaway areas to the east of Ukraine are in a war that could escalate.  To see how the “System” works for the 1%; just look and see which American was appointed as a Vice President to the Ukraine Gas company/corporation.   Where was our Ambassador here; does he read or write or speak the local language.  Where is the Congressional Oversight from the Democrats and Republicans on this; too much money involved.  Russia is not going to surrender access to the Crimean Peninsula.   This is what happens when presidents appoint as ambassadors and Secretaries of States, political donors or former political candidates that do not have Classical Foreign Policy Experience.  

Story 3:  Another astonishing Foreign Policy Failure is that Iran still has four to five to six (depending on what source you are reading) American Hostages.  This past week it was announced that the United States government, in the new budget, is going to pay the American Hostages back from 1979, around $10,000 for each day they were held captive (444 days in 52 cases) by the Iranians.  This is about $4.4 million dollars. 

See, the Iranians are falling off the chair laughing at us, as we are paying what they should be paying; we just gave them Billions of dollars.  And you expect them to keep whatever agreements they made with us; are you serious?  I love the people of Iran, but allowing bullying behavior only allows for more IEDs against our Soldiers and more Terrorist Attacks here in America.

Story 4:  Food safety, or the lack of it, may be causing Cancer.  The Democrats and Republicans fail to provide funds for Scientific studies.  They are blocking truth to protect the income of some of their Political Donors; or am I wrong?  A good website to learn more is:

Story 5: One State tried to make “Home Inspections” for Home Schooling families a law.  As President Kopitke, I’ll fight for the rights of Home Schooling parents and children. 

Story 6:  To show you how the Disease of Greed has affected the Banking Sector and Investment Sector, did you realize that 6 banks have over $278 Trillion Dollars of exposure in the Derivatives Market?  As President Kopitke, I’ll seek to remove unbounded speculation from risking to crash our National Economy.  

Story 7: Great article about the dangers of GMOs.

Story 8: Another story about how bad our Military Equipment is; another story of how another country’s Military Equipment is better than our equipment.

Story 9: Alternative health treatments; kindly see below.

Story 10:  Americans who took on the insanity of the Disease of Greed and won. Please kindly see below:

Story 11: Is there a link between Bone Cancer and Fluoride?  Please see the link below and learn.

Story 12:  Great story with facts about how bad the economy is; please see the link below:  

Story 13: Another Natural Health Doctor dies.  What is going on here?

Story 14:  Sad story of how the DHS reviews Americans who stand with the Constitution.   As President Kopitke, I’ll reform DHS.

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