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3 Dec 15: Jihadist Terror Attack in California leaves scores of Americans Dead.

3 Dec 15:  Jihadist Terror Attack in California leaves scores of Americans Dead. 

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Five Stories for you:

Story 1:  We have to ask why there is no “debate” over the dangers of the CERN project, or now the plan by Scientists to drill into the core of the Earth.  Either of these activities could cause a global mass effect of global disaster.  What are these folks thinking? There needs to be a public studies and public debate.   China is also planning on building their own CERN.

Story 2:  More on Russia accusing Turkey of buying ISIS oil.  Today, Turkey claims Russia is buying ISIS oil too. This is how wars start; two head strong leaders doing what they feel is right.  As President Kopitke, I will seek to mediate such tension situations.  Again, when we elected or appoint high officials that do not have Classical Military or Classical Foreign Policy experience, this is exactly what we get.  We need to stay on top of this or it will spiral out of control into a full-fledged war.  It could easily go nuclear.  Please pray for peace and peace vote for a Presidential Candidate who has real experience (me).

Story 3:  The story below discusses the possible over use of Chemotherapy.

Story 4:  Finally, the Main Stream News Media is beginning to cover the Creation, by the Globalists who support a move towards a One World Government, of ISIS.  This is all over the international News Media, and the American Alternative Media.  The 1% most controlled Main Stream News Media is blocking it for the most part.   I have written on this extensively before.  See the story below.  ISIS-gate is unfolding.

Story 5:  Jihadist Terror Attack in California leaves scores of Americans Dead.  I cannot believe how the Main Stream News Media is covering up this ISIS fueled Jihadist Terror Attack against American citizens on American soil celebrating a Christmas Party.   The Jihadist had received training in Saudi Arabia, where he recently stayed for a month (according to media reports).  His Jihadist wife appears to have come here from another country.  Was she vetted before she was allowed to come here?  Another failure by INS.  As President Kopitke, I’ll ensure immigrants are vetted.  I have proposed a One Year Moratorium on all immigration until we fix this mess.   In peace, incompetency is an embarrassment; in war, it costs lives.

Let us be clear here.  California bans many guns, so Americans cannot defend themselves.  Those restrictions are costing American lives now.  We need to protect the 2nd Amendment so that American Citizens can defend themselves against Jihadist Terrorists.  No, you don’t hide under a table; that is not what Americans do; you fight back.

Let us be very clear here.  These two Jihadists were empowered by the Federal Government allowing ISIS to march forward and behead Christians.  This is why you fight, and not retreat, or callow in the corner in your Military Policy.  I see where Great Britain bombed ISIS targets yesterday.  France is also bombing.  So you mean to tell me our Military left those targets for two years without bombing them?  Please tell me why that was allowed to happen. 

I saw on the “news” the other night where someone said we had flown 8,000 missions against ISIS.  I have also seen where Military pilots claim that they are not allowed to drop their ordinance (bombs) on 75% of their missions. This means we are not fighting a war; we are allowing ISIS to humiliate our military and behead Christians.  How did we “miss” 1,000 oil tankers, where now that Russia is placing up media footage of destroying those said tankers?  Who was making money on allowing ISIS to sell their oil; members of the 1%?  Someone is telling our Military not to bomb these oil tankers.   As President Kopitke, I’ll reform our Military.      

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