Wednesday, December 30, 2015

30 Dec 15: The Sorry state of the Social Security Trust Fund; where did your money go?

30 Dec 15:  The Sorry state of the Social Security Trust Fund; where did your money go?  

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Nine Stories for you:

Story 1:  The Sorry State of the Social Security Trust Fund.  Where did all of your money go?

Story 2:  Nuke power plants that are a National Security risk.

Story 3:  Map of Nuke Plants that have leaked.  Oh….and you did not know this?  Now you understand why I am seeking to close down all Nuke Plants.

Story 4:  Another sad story of how innovation is occurring in other countries and not our country.  Technology innovation is rapidly increasing in China because we give them massive amounts of dollars for R & D due to our monthly Trade Deficit.

Story 5:  Major Environmental disaster unfolding; once again, no leadership because the Democrats and Republicans don’t want to offend their Political Donors.

Story 6:   Was a change in the vaccine ingredients a cause in the increase of Whooping cough?  See link below:  

Story 7: Does HRT raise the risk of Breast Cancer?  Please see the link below:

Story 8: Reports from Oxfam and Forbes indicate that the top 80 persons of the 1%, have as much money as half of the total population of the Earth.

Story 9: The TPA Trade Deal is no deal to the American People; this is just another Globalist tactic to bring down our economy so that we can be merged into a North American Union before being merged into a One World Government.  Why does not the media tell you this?

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