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4 Dec 15: Understanding why we created and fund ISIS; our worst Foreign Policy decision ever

4 Dec 15:  Understanding why we created and fund ISIS; our worst Foreign Policy decision ever

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Three Stories for you:

Story 1:   Below is a link to an interview with former General Wesley Clark, who has advised members of Congress, Presidents, and is interviewed on TV Main Stream News Channels.  He discusses how Saudi Arabia and Turkey are supporting ISIS.  We had a report leaked from the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and other reports from the international press and the American Alternative Press, that the Obama Administration funded and created ISIS.   Given that ISIS has beheaded thousands of Christians, this has to be one of the most despicable, detestable, and unprofessional Foreign Policy actions our nation has ever done. In my book: President Kopitke 2016: Towards an American Renaissance, I go into this in detail  

Part of the reason I suppose this was done, was to pay back Defense Contractors who had donated mega bucks to political campaigns for both the Democrats and Republicans.  

Another problem is that neither Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, or John Kerry, had Classical Foreign Policy Experience; they were appointed (Clinton and Kerry), or elected (Obama/Biden) because of money they raised for previous political campaigns.  Serving in Congress is not Classical Foreign Policy Experience.  Being stationed overseas for an extended period of time and negotiating in the language of that nation where you are serving is Classical Foreign Policy Experience (like I have done).  Plus, neither, Clinton or Biden or Obama have any Classical Military Experience (where you wear the uniform for years; like I have); so they listen to “their” advisors who often have a financial gain if we go to war, or drag a war out.        

I feel sorry for Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Kerry because they just don’t have the Life Experiences that they need to have had, in order to process the issues at hand.  My Fellow Americans, we have to go back to electing Presidents who have had, the Life Experiences they need to have had, in order to provide leadership in the White House (like I have).   The results of this “lack of experience” are creating ISIS (bad idea), funding ISIS (another bad idea). And allowing ISIS to continue and expand (California the other day).  

The reason ISIS created the California Terrorist Attack (we know they did because this fellow, Syed Rizwan Farook, received instructions and training in Saudi Arabia), is because Obama/Biden/Clinton and Kerry allowed ISIS to rape and behead thousands of Christians.  They also have empowered ISIS by allowing Iran to have a “Fast Track” to a nuclear bomb, and also by allowing Iran to receive Billions of Dollars while still keeping American Hostages.  Incompetency in peace is embarrassing, but in war it costs lives.  ISIS also sees how China is bullying us in Trade (as we have a $50 Billion Dollar a month Trade Deficit), and are thus using us to build a massive Military, and establish bases now in Africa.  

Any day now some Media Commentator will refer to Obama, Biden, Kerry and Hillary Clinton as the Four Horseman of the American Apocalypse.  I pray for them but they need better advisors, as when you don’t have the right Life Experiences, you really need good advisors (mega political donors are not always good advisors).   

ISIS is a bully.  You empower a bully, and he keeps up bullying you until you punch him back hard.

A few hours ago, we learned that ISIS Terrorist (and wife of Farook), Tashfeen Malik, praised ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on a Facebook posting that she posted “during the attack.”  She came over on a Visa program; obviously, another Federal Agency failed in their vetting of her.

The question I have as a Military Tactician, is why in the world is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi allowed to lead ISIS?  We have satellites that can bounce a laser off your curtains and listen to your conversations “word for word.”  If we wanted to take out this Terrorist Leader, it could have been done years ago.   Is this just poor Military Leadership, or allowing the war to go on for more Defense Contractor (1%) income and profits?   

Our American Sons and daughters are dying over there; they should not be dying or getting their arms and legs blown off due to poor Military Leadership or the need to drag out a war for income and profits for the 1% (some of the 1% and Defense Contractors who are part of the 1%).   We do have “good” and “great” Defense Contractors, but the money they donate to the Democrats and Republicans allows for poor and misguided Foreign Policy and Military Policy.

The apartment of ISIS Terrorist Tashfeen Malik, and her ISIS Terrorist “husband?” Syed Rizwan Farook was opened today by the apartment manager/owner.  Several media folks went in.  See what I do not understand is why there was still a massive amount of items in the apartment.  Within the hour of the ISIS Terrorist Attack, the FBI, and other Justice Department personnel should have pulled every piece of paper and every item out of there for further examination, and cataloging.  

Part of this could be due to the poor morale level at the Justice Department.   When morale is down, professionalism suffers.  Part of the morale problem is that we just have not had an Attorney General that inspired staff.  I think where we all have read the reports where the last few Attorney Generals, have been from Wall Street, and have used their positions to protect the 1%; am I right or wrong? 

Too bad Attorney General Lynch made those comments that were interpreted as siding with Muslim Terrorists instead of the Americans who were murdered. I am sure she did not mean it that way; her staff speech writer should have protected her (and the Justice Department) by preparing a speech that was more appropriate.  Part of this morale problem is that the FBI/Justice Department is tracking over 1,000 identified probable Terrorists on American Soil and they are not being deported.  People are asking what no American should ever have to ask: “Why is the Justice Department and Attorney General Lynch allowing known Terrorists to remain here in The United States?”  

 It is just like, according to the story below: “Why is the Justice Department and Obama allowing major Mexican Drug cartels to operate on American Soil?” (Link below about Mexican Cartel operating in Georgia).  This is why morale is down; agents are told to look the other way; or how else is this being allowed to happen?    

Another reason morale is down at the Justice Department is because the Justice Department is using precious funds to ….as it was announced today ….ensure cross dressers can shower with little innocent girls.  The link is below.  Excuse me while I heave up dinner.  My fellow Americans, please help me save our American Civilization, and our Constitution.

The same poor speech writing happened recently with Obama when he compared ISIS Terrorist Attacks to Global Warming; what was his Speech Writer thinking; what were his senior staff thinking when they approved the speech? He really needs to bring in some super competent stars as advisors.  The man has the weight of the world on his noble shoulders, and he is, as any President is, only as good as his staff.

And today in the so-called war against ISIS, pictures on the ground were released (link below) of showing the results from a Russian jet bombing where another ISIS oil tanker is destroyed.  Why did not our Air Force do this bombing years ago?   How could Obama and the Military allow ISIS to sell oil for years while innocent Christian men, women and children were raped and beheaded?  What is wrong with our national leaders from the Democrats and Republicans to collude to allow this?   Folks, I lived through Watergate; this is nothing to Watergate.

Story 2: One of the truly heartbreaking corruption stories that is ongoing is the lying of facts and figures by the Federal Government Agencies (FGAs).  As President Kopitke, I’ll ensure a higher, more ethical standard is set in government data reporting.  The story below is beyond Rome for corruption.  How did the Federal Agency that handled this allow the reporting of the National Debt to soar over a half Trillion Dollars in one month?  Corrupt Accounting.

Story 3:  One of the reasons I am calling for a One Year Moratorium on Immigration is because of the diseases these immigrants are bring in ways of human health, and plant/crop/water health.  They are coming in unchecked for medical problems/issues.  In the old days at Ellis Island, if you did not pass the physical they sent you back.

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Praise Ye The Lord,
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