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7 Dec 15: Remembering Pearl Harbor

7 Dec 15:  Remembering Pearl Harbor

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16 Stories for you:

Story 1: Sometimes, when we speak of “wealth inequality” or “the 1%” it is hard to quantify those concepts in our mind. Thus, a recent news story in the foreign press helps us to understand how unfair our economic system has become.  The Daily Mail newspaper form England has a story stating that the top 20 Americans (wealth) have as much money as 50% of all American citizens. This is not “capitalism”; this is “Globalism,” where just a few own much.

Story 2: Mexico refuses to return Alamo Flag. The government of Mexico refuses to return for repatriation the Flag that flew over the Alamo. This is due to weak leadership and no negotiating skills by the Democrats and Republicans. As President Kopitke, I will secure the repatriation of the Battle Flag that flew over The Alamo. Please pray for my Presidential Campaign. See the link below for photos of the Battle Flag that flew over The Alamo that Mexico refuses to return. I love Mexico, but they need to return our Flag.

Remember The Alamo; I remember The Alamo and the Sacrifices in blood and lives for Freedom.

Story 3:  I have to wonder now if the USA and Germany and France and England are going to move into the Middle East; they seem to be coming out against Saudi Arabia.

Story 4:  We are all very happy for Jimmy Carter recovering from Brain Cancer.   As President Kopitke, I’ll fight to ensure all Americans have access to the newest and best drugs.

Story 5:  Either we are allowing ISIS to prosper, or our leaders are very incompetent.  Or is it both?  The photos attached to the story and link below show ISIS training centers in large numbers.  We have Drones that would have picked these training sites up in real time.  They are not “hidden” to us; we are watching these sites in real time. They could have been “taken out” if we wanted to. 
We are at war, and not in a ping pong game; this is a real war and not a John Wayne movie.   Either Obama is intentionally allowing ISIS to grow or his Military Chain-of-Command are incompetent.  Obama has changed many Generals and other leaders in the Military from the different Branches of The Armed Forces of The United States of America.   His new appointees are now questionable as someone is allowing ISIS to flourish.   

Story 6: The link below discusses ISIS coming use of WMDs.  Serious now folks.  When Free Man willow in failure, bullies arise and take over.

Story 7:  Turkey has invaded Iraq with between 150 soldiers to 1,500 soldiers (depending on which story you are citing).  Does the government of Turkey have the right to place their Military in Iraq without permission from the government of Iraq?  What this will accomplish is to move Iraq closer to Iran and Russia.  Again we pay a steep price for having Obama (Republicans do it too) appointing to key Foreign Service positions (Ambassadors, etc) that have little to zero actual Foreign Policy Service.  The government of Turley is part of NATO, thus Obama and his team had to approve this.  This is another major Foreign Policy Failure, that will cost lives, and American lives, and could lead to greater conflict in the Middle East.

Story 8:  My prediction in “Story 7” above comes true!  Sadly.  Please see the link below.

Story 9: Update on nuclear ocean hitting America.  As President Kopitke, I’ll work quick to shore up the leaking Japan nuclear power plant; it has been leaking since 2011.  

Story 10:  I have proposed for consideration a plan that allows up to $2,000 a month for American Citizens making under a certain amount of money.  We should study this. I would find it through a Wall Street Transaction Tax.    

Story 11: We remember Pearl Harbor.  I present part of the “Alternative history” with a link that offers the other side of the debate.   A salute to Michael Rivero at What Really for his Annual Pearl Harbor coverage. 

Story 12:  Banks of the 1% doing what they do.  As President Kopitke, I’ll work to make Bankers Heroes once again.  We just need some modest appropriate reforms.  We can have ethical Banking again in America.  The Democrats and Republicans are bought off; it is their fault more than the Bankers.

Story 13:  Well this is how wars start.  The article below shows Turkey (NATO including the United State) blocking the rights of Russian headed ships to pass. This is a violation of a treaty all sides agreed to.  This is how, as I have stated, how wars start.  Scary if true.  Again, this is caused by having people in high positions of power who do not come equipped with Classical Military Experience or Classical Foreign Policy Experience (like I have).

Story 14: Kiev is shelling Donetsk.  I hope this is not true, but enough media reports from the international press indicate so.  So we have inordinate situations that could lead to war with Kiev/Donetsk, Turkey/Russia/, Syria/several, and plus others.  We have no leadership from Washington; they are just either incompetent or sliding us into war so that they can move forward their plans to suspend the Constitution of 
The United States and take away our guns and bring in a One World Government of a New World Order (so some feel is what is happening).  Or are they wrong?  

 In my lifetime, I have never seen so much poor Foreign Policy leadership (or lack thereof) in my lifetime.  Where is the media coverage; why the media cover-up?  Is it to protect the 1% line of income and authority?
This is a classical example of the results from the Disease of Greed, where all reason is thrown out the window into the wind in order to protect the profits and income of those established in power.   No matter what the risks of war and carnage to others.  

Story 15:  You watch now my Fellow Americans; allowing the Chinese Yuan to match the American Dollar will increase our economic slide; a move towards Globalism and the One World Government of a New World Order.

Story 16:  The story below discusses alternative Cancer Treatments. There are many out there. As President Kopitke, I will authorize several trails and studies.

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Praise Ye The Lord,
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