Tuesday, December 8, 2015

8 Dec 15: To date: $176 million dollars given to Democrats and Republicans; half from just 158 families

8 Dec 15:  To date: $176 million dollars given to Democrats and Republicans; half from just 158 families 

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Five Stories for you:

Story 1:   To date: $176 million dollars given to Democrats and Republicans; half from just 158 families; please see the story below.  We don’t have the best government money can buy.  


Story 2:  Terrorist attacks continue.  In Germany a Terrorist attacked a police officer and bite the officer, here in the United States, Amin al-Baroudi, was charged with offenses related to activities of seeking to supply military style scopes for rifles, and military battle flack vests, as well as other items to persons (Terrorists) in Syria.  Our Visa vetting system is broken.


Story 3:  The link below discusses an air strike on that killed three Syrian soldiers.  Syria claims the United States killed their soldiers.  The United States claims that Russia killed the Syrian soldiers.  Germany is discussing sending forces, so is China and Japan, and Iran, and England is already bombing there as well as France, and so has Turkey.  This is how wars start.  This is way out of hand partly because so many of the new generation of political leaders and military leaders have not served on the frontlines, and therefore don’t understand the horrors of war, nor have respect for war.   Given the current situation, it appears that they lack Military Tactical experience, and also experience in studying past wars; I say this because it is like they almost want World War II by their poor leadership (or lack there of).  I bring Foreign Policy Experience, Military Experience and Military Tactical and Historical Experience.  Experience matters.

Story 4:  Read the story below and you will understand Ukraine, and why we went in there in part. Sickening.

Story 5:  In case you did not notice, Russia is taking off the North Pole.  This is what happens when you send out a signal of weakness and allow bullies like ISIS to run wild; hot spots develop in other places.


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