Saturday, January 16, 2016

16 Jan 16: The real reason Wal-Mart is shutting down 154 stores.

16 Jan 16:  The real reason Wal-Mart is shutting down 154 stores.

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Story 1:  Credible story on the dangers of the HPV vaccine.  I will reform this.

Story 2:  The real reason Wal-Mart is shutting down 154 stores is because the vast majority of Americans don’t have money to spend.  They don’t have disposable income; this is because almost their entire pay check goes back to the 1% who own the insurance companies and food companies and utility companies  High prices leave little for savings and shopping; the Disease of Greed in action.  I’ll bring back good paying jobs, and stop the inflation and rip off of the American shopper and consumer.  The Great 2009 Democratic Party Recession continues; Nabisco moving from Chicago, and going to Mexico. Wal-Mart shutting 269 stores, of which 154 stores are the USA; this is because the middle class has no money to spend; all the deposable money is owned by the 1%.  Will Wal-Mart ask for a tax break from you citing Foreign based store closings as a loss? 

Story 3:  Millions to billions (depending on which story you are reading), of your Tax Dollars paying the salaries of Soldiers that do not exist.  These Ghost Soldiers are into the thousands.  I’ll stop this waste.  Part of the reason for the initial success of ISIS is that Iraq claimed thousands of Soldiers that would fight ISIS that did not exist but were drawing salary.  Now American Soldiers and American civivilans are dying because of this corruption.

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