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18 Jan 16: Our new ships sink in rough waves

18 Jan 16:  Our new ships sink in rough waves

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Story 1:  The story below discusses concerns over a new Navy ship (for our Navy) that may sink in high waves.   Yes; I am serious.  The first error is that the ship; our ship; was not made in the United States. When you allow Military Equipment to be build by another nation, you risk having spies sabotage it.  Again, this comes from electing Presidents who have not served in the Military and therefore are clueless on Military Tactics.  It would be interesting to see the chain of Defense Contractor Political Contributions here.

Story 2:  Goldman Sachs has settled a mortgage scam issue with the Courts.  They will pay 5.1 Billion dollars. Not one banker goes to jail; shame we have a different Justice System for the Elite 1%.  As President Kopitke, I’ll run an honest and ethical Justice Department.  How much money do you think will go to those who lost their homes?  I believe, if they stole your home; they owe you a home; “Kopitke Fairness Doctrine.”

Story 3: Learning about the Fed of the 1%.

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