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19 Jan 16: American Hostage Robert Levinson still held captive by Iran

19 Jan 16:  American Hostage Robert Levinson still held captive by Iran

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Story 1:  More diseases hitting the USA; is there from not “health clearing” immigrants; as President Kopitke I’ll fix this.


Story 2:  GE had no ethical right to sell their Appliance unit to China owned Haler.  More manufacturing leaving and more job losses; besides, you do not allow a foreign power to own our Defense Industry production capabilities.


Story 3: American Hostage Robert Levinson still held captive by Iran.  The Iran Humiliation of America continues. Iran received on Friday $150 Billion Dollars, and 7 prisoners who broke major American Laws.  We received only 4 of 5 American Hostages who broke no laws.  They are still holding Robert Levinson.  The day before the deal, we received a video humiliating our Sailors showing them on their knees and with guns pointed at their heads. I understand they kept part of our equipment from the boats.  The video of our POW Sailors was against the Geneva Convention; and you expect Iran to keep their Nuclear Agreements?  Why should they; they have not in the past.  Don’t you realize how many times they have violated sanctions?  
 Wake thou slumbering Americans.  Then also, the White House has agreed to pay interest of more billions of dollars to Iran for money we held from when they held our American Hostages; that money should have gone to the families of the American Hostages and the families and Soldiers.  Iran should be paying Billions to the wounded American Soldiers and their families who they killed and wounded by providing IEDs and other weapons to those fighting against us.  And……just recently…..Iran swindled Congress into paying the original American Hostages from 1979-80-81 millions of dollars in compensation, which Iran should have paid.  This is what happens when you elect a President time and time again who has no actual Military Experience, and no Classical Foreign Policy Experience, and who support a New World Order.  As President Kopitke, I’ll bring home Robert Levinson.  
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