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23 Jan 16: Zika Virus update; worse than AIDS, HPV Vaccine, Swine Flu, damaged Vaccines causing Autism

23 Jan 16:  Zika Virus update; worse than AIDS, HPV Vaccine, Swine Flu, damaged Vaccines causing Autism

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Before I jump into the News, I want to share an uplifting quote I read today on Facebook.  I do not have permission to use the name of the author, so I will just quote from him; the gentleman is a Classical American Sage of Wisdom, and is a Distinguished United States Army Veteran (Semper Ra) from Michigan.  Here is the quote: “The Lord rewards those who deserve it, not those who only think they deserve it.”

Story 1:  The Zika Virus, which is going to demolish more lives than AIDS, the HPV Vaccine, the damaged Vaccines causing Autism, and Swine Flu all combined has hit the United States. Many States are now reporting cases.  To help you understand just how bad this is, the nation of El Salvador is telling women not to get pregnant until 2018 (they hope to have it under control by then; as of today I do not see that; I only pray I am wrong).

The Zika Virus causes the head and brain of the child, and other vital organs to be abnormal. Thus, children born with this are disabled for life.  We now have this Disease in the United States due to our Open Borders and Immigration Policy.  As President Kopitke, I’ll enact to the best of my powers, a one year moratorium on Immigration until we figure this out.  My wife and Grandfather were immigrants; so I respect and love immigrants, but the system is broken and is killing Americans.  Please pray for my President Campaign.

Story 2:   In a speech, one of my honorable opponents gave, he cited that there are around 47 million Americans living in poverty, and another 29 million Americans have no health insurance.  I think the 47 million “number” is way too low.   With all of the costs of Nixon-Obama Care, I would have thought more people would be insured; 47 million is a high number of uninsured. I outline my proposals in my books. 

Story 3: Another story on how TPP will be like NAFTA and send good paying jobs outside the United States of America:

Story 4: Great story on the importance of fair use of the Environment below:

Story 5: 1% Controlled Main Stream News Media Blackout on another New World Order story you should know about.  Since 1979 we have been in World War T (Terrorism); as President Kopitke, I will take this war seriously.

Story 6: Another neat invention not made in America.  As President Kopitke, I will spur a New Dawn in American ingenuity and Inventions; be a Real American; Create.

Story 7: 2nd Amendment under attack:

Story 8: How the being on the “Pill” leads to divorce.  

Please pray I can find a honorable Vice Presidential running mate.

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Praise Ye The Lord,
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