Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why You should Go to Church tomorrow on Sunday

Why You should Go to Church tomorrow on Sunday
And just Why You should Go to Church tomorrow on Sunday?
I’ll list ten reasons.
  1. We are commanded by God to go to Church to partake of the Sacrament. Partaking of the Sacrament is like being Baptized over again for the sins we have committed.
  2. We go to Church to serve others. Yes, you can go to church in your living room, but you will find more Peace by going to Church and spiritually feeding others seeking spiritual food. Yes, you can help others outside of Church in a spiritual manner, but God has an especial Blessing for you when you “Feed the Flock” at Church.
  3. Charity, Moroni wrote, is the “Pure Love of Christ.” We develop deeper Charity from going to Church.
  4. We gain a greater spiritual feeling of Why We Are Here on Earth. When we go to Church, we are near to Him more Spiritually in a certain degree; thus we can heed to Promptings of the Still Small Voice that tells us we are just passing through and will go back to Him. We each come to Earth to grow in Eternal Experiences; going to Church helps us understand Who We Really Are, and Our Sacred Mission and Purpose in this Life.
  5. We feel Love in Church; hate will eat you up and will consume you. Church is where you go to grow in the ability to forgive; forgive others; forgive yourself.
  6. We go to Church to pay our Tithing as Commanded of the Lord. See the Book of Malachi (last chapter thereof).
  7. We go to Church to find forgiveness. Each of us has hurt ourselves and others; as we repent His Atonement helps us find peace. Going to Church helps in the Repentance Process.
  8. We go to Church to sing Hymns. The Singing of Hymns cleanses our souls and inspired us.
  9. We go to Church to study to Holy Writ. Have you read The Holy Bible (King James Version) in one year yet. Just 6 pages a day will get you there. A “man” is not an “American Man” until he has read the entire Holy Bible in one year. While you read The Holy Bible at home, it is at Church that you come to understand it more.
  10. We go to Church to bear our Witness of Jesus, and to hear others do so. In the bearing of pure Testimony, The Holy Ghost gives His warm peaceful Witness of the Love of God, and His reality.
If you are spiritually hungry, please go to Church. Please try a different Church if your Church is not working for you. To get the most out of Church, go to a Church that teaches that keeping the Holy Ten Commandments of God is still relevant in 2016. You are always welcomed at my Church; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
While at Church or at home, please say a prayer for my campaign for President of The United States of America.
Praise Ye The Lord,

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