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1 Feb 16: Women are being told not to get pregnant due to the Zika Virus

1 Feb 16:   Women are being told not to get pregnant due to the Zika Virus

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Story 1:  More vaccine madness; this time in Hawaii. As President Kopitke, I’ll fight forced Vaccines.

Story 2:  Astro Turf  linked to cancer.  As President Kopitke, I’ll make chemicals in products we use everyday do not cause cancer.  1 in 5 women should not be getting Breast Cancer.

Story 3:  Why is the massive Natural Gas link in California, which is a major Environmental calamity being allowed to continue.  

Story 4:  Now here is another Defense Contractor Mega Donation story you cannot believe is actually happening.  As I have written about, the new jet the F-35 is having major technical problems.  We just ordered another 500 from the story below. As President Kopitke, I’ll make sure the F-35 is redesigned to work right, and built by American companies

Story 6:  Women are being told not to get pregnant due to the Zika Virus.  Stories below share media reports from England advising British Women who visit the America’s not to get pregnant.  Puerto Rico and parts of Brazil are doing the same.  Today in a major development, the government of El Salvador advised women there not to get pregnant.  As a Presidential Candidate, having a background with infectious diseases, I have called for a immigration moratorium, and also blood testing for those coming into our nation from countries affected.  This is no joke; you need to study these stories below to learn.  It has already hit the USA; over 40 cases reported in over ten States.  We also need to ask if this is another attempt by the New World Order through GMOs to bring in their dastardly goals of a New World Order.  Now, please read the articles below and learn for yourself.

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