Thursday, February 11, 2016

11 Feb 16: Iran Mentally Tortures American Sailors

11 Feb 16:  Iran Mentally Tortures American Sailors 

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Story 1:   On January 28th, I called for a blockade from citizens coming from infected countries with the dreaded apocalyptic death and disabling Zika Virus. Because the Democrats and Republicans did not listen, the Zika Virus contains to spread like a deadly wildfire.  Now, 59 cases have been identified, all coming from those who visited other infected nations.  It is now in 20 States; those people need to be quarantined, or they will spread it through intimate behavior, kissing, blood transfusions, coughing and sneezing.

No one should be allowed to enter those countries; those coming back need blood tests and to be quarantined.  We need to seal our borders so only those who come in legally can enter.

Story 2:   The video below shows the Mental Torture by Iran of our brave American Sailors; and we have given them billions?  And they still will not return our American Hostage.  As President Kopitke, I will being home our American Hostage.

Story 3:  This article helps understand how the 1% Globalists of the New World Order are trying to depopulate the Western United States, and take over farms and ranches to sell mineral rights; this is Agenda 21 and Agenda 20130 in action.

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