Sunday, February 14, 2016

15 Feb 16: Justice Scalia found dead with pillow over head; Secret Service absent and autopsy delayed

15  Feb 16:  Justice Scalia found dead with pillow over head; Secret Service absent and autopsy delayed    

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Story 1:  Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a strong proponent of the Constitution and American Sovereign Rights, was (1) found dead with a pillow over his head, (2) The Secret Service was “absent”; (3) The first reports indicated there would be no autopsy (the latest update indicates that due to public pressure there may be one “later on”).   Oh…..I see; nothing to see here; just keep your eyes closed.  

Reports are that he was found in a state of peaceful repose.  Oh….?  The “listed” cause is “myocardial infraction.”  This “cause” is often accompanied by a painful physical reaction that sometimes induces release of bowels and bladder, vomiting, moving around in pain and agony.  Yet, we are told his body was found with sheets unruffled and he looked peaceful with his arms down by his side on the bed.   Oh…..I see; nothing to see here; just keep moving along with your eyes closed. 

The coming “term” of the Supreme Court will hear major Constitution Altering cases on the 2nd Amendment, Abortion, Immigration, and Globalism (New World Order).  With Justice Scalia removed, now the Court will shift more towards Globalism.

This news comes on the heels of news that there are around 68 warrants issued for 2nd Amendment and BLM protestors.

Story 2:  GMOs are another result of the Disease of Greed.  GMOs are not tested properly, and we are risking many ill health and other massive issues by tampering with Mother Nature in an unsafe way.  There is a rumor that they changed the make-up of wheat to increase yields, bit the side effects of ill health need to be further studied; this I will do.

Story 3:  The dangers of SSRI drugs and the Disease of Greed in the Pharmaceutical industry needs to have Checks and Balances restored.

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