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19 Feb 16: A discussion on how the Fukushima leaking Nuclear Power Plant is radiating us

19 Feb 16:  A discussion on how the Fukushima leaking Nuclear Power Plant is radiating us

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Story 1:  Way, way back in 2011, the Nuclear power Plant in Japan at Fukushima exploded hurling massive amounts of radioactive materials into the air and water.  Fukushima contains in 2016 to leak massive amounts of radiation into the water and air.   As President Kopitke, I’ll make sure the leak is stopped; my goal is to close down in time all Nuclear Power Plants.  I have written on this many times. Cancer rates will rise; Americans will die, all because the Democrats and Republicans are too scared to address this issue because they both take so much from the Nuclear Power Industry, and do not want to offend their donors.  The Disease of Greed in action.  Our Ambassador to Japan has done nothing about this; she does not read, write or speak Japanese.  You might well ask why she is the Ambassador to Japan; because she raised millions of dollars for political candidates. How sick is that? AS President Kopitke, I will not sell Ambassadorships, and all Ambassadors will be fluent in the language of the host country they are assigned.

Story 2:  This is another example here of electing people and appointing people who do not have Classical Foreign Policy Experience.  We are inching towards war with Russia because Turkey and Saudi Arabia are projected to send in troops; they should not invade Syria.  Our leaders appear clueless here; I will seek peace through strength. There is a time for war; this is not it.

Story 3:  Yet another story of how vaccines are unsafe.  The reason is the FDAA does not test vaccines like they should, and the Republicans and Democrats pressure the FDA to look the other way; in order to protect the profits of their political donors.  As President Kopitke, I’ll reform the FDA.

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