Saturday, February 20, 2016

20 Feb 16: Is the true unemployment rate closer to 23%?

20 Feb 16:  Is the true unemployment rate closer to 23%?

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Story 1:   Today we have a story of a hero Sheriff who stood up for an American against the abuses of the FDA. Were they abuses?  Read the story of yourself and come to your own conclusions.  AS President Kopitke, I’ll reform the FDA.  The reasons the FDA is in trouble is because like so many federal agencies, it appears to exist to protect the perpetual income and profits of the 1%.  The second and third stories below are along the same lines of the failure of a governmental regulatory agency to regulate safety; pesticides and vaccines.

Story 2:   Is the real unemployment rate at 23%?  Please read the story below and decide for yourself.

Story 3:  It seems like the Federal government just wants to place more and more people in jail.  A couple days ago, I shared a story how U.S. Marshals are now arresting persons who are behind on their Student Loans.  The story below begin the legal process not, through TPP (the new NAFTA 2) Trade Agreement, to arrest persons for copyright violation.

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