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23 Feb 16 Part 1: Just who are New World Order Collaborator politicians?

23 Feb 16 Part 1:  Just who are New World Order Collaborator politicians?

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Story 1:  From a Facebook posting I made on the 23rd of February, 2016 Anno Domini:   Good point Steven. I think we need to change our vocabulary ongoing. We have politicians who are just that; politicians, and now we call out those politicians who have betrayed their America, and have evolved into becoming New World Order Collaborator politicians.  So just who are New World Order Collaborator politicians?  They are Democrats and Republicans who now support the Globalist One World Government of a New World Order.  The Globalist One World Government of a New World Order seeks to destroy our Beloved and Sacred Constitution of The United States of America, and replace it with a One World Government.  I stand with the Constitution of The United States of America; I ask you to stand with me.  I need donations, and for you to share my campaign with friends on a regular weekly to bi-weekly basis, and to collect Signatures for Ballot Access.  

Now, if you think I am daft for claiming there is a “New World Order” then please have the American Courage and go to Google, or your favorite internet search engine, and type in as search words: “Quotations New World Order.”  Then search under “Quotations One World Government.”  After that “search”; search under “videos” (either on Google or Youtube) for those same words.  Then! There! Ye shall see for yourself, and listen for yourself, to the major Democrats and Republicans and business leaders, talking about the plans and their desires to erase or Constitution and have it be replaced by a New World Order of a One World Government.  Fight back peacefully; fight back by supporting my campaign for President; share with your neighbors.  The only thing worse than “Globalism,” or “Communism” or “Socialism” is the “passivism” that allows Globalism to destroy our Constitution; be up and doing Ye American Patriots; share my campaign today.  

One of the Tactics of the New World Order is to intentionally crash our economy by shipping our manufacturing base and jobs overseas.  This has been done through NAFTA, TPP and TPA (and others).  The first link below shows how North Carolina has been destroyed by NAFTA; over 1/3 of their manufacturing jobs have been lost; I will bring them back.   By shipping our jobs and manufacturing overseas, the New World Order has shifted the world economy from the USA to China.  Each month we have around a $50 Billion dollar Trade Deficit.  We are in the middle of a Trade War and we are losing it. I will win the Trade War.  The second link shows how China now is buying up our companies; wrong; American Companies should (and will) be owned by Americans.   


Story 2:   Tied in to story 1, is news long expected, that the 1% of the New World Order, in order to further crash our national economy, are using China to depeg from the dollar.  Please read the story to learn.  Another way the New World Order is moving forward in their plans to conqueror and enslave the world is by the intentional dumbing down of citizens; they are doing this through unsafe Vaccines, GMOs , Chem Trails, Fluoride and other toxins in our water, etc.  All of these are designed to embalm humanity and Americans into passive controllable fools that are too dumb and lazy to fight for their Liberties.  The 2nd link talks about how the Federal Government knew that Vaccines were unsafe and caused major debilitating medical health issues. I am running for President to stand up to these villains. Help me or perish; you have your Free Agency.


Story 3:   This story shows why we need real Diplomats and not political donors as Ambassadors.


Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.

Praise Ye The Lord,

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Spiritual Thought for the day:  We come before Him in humility; acknowledging His Holy Hand in all our Blessings. We seek Inspiration from Him to meet our needs and overcome all our Challenges.   

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