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25 Feb 16: How the greed of the 1% endangers the lives of Police Officers

25 Feb 16:  How the greed of the 1% endangers the lives of Police Officers   

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Story 1:   Yesterday, one Sheriff’s Deputy was shot dead and two more were wounded as they tried to evict Martin T. Wirth from his home in Colorado.   Eight Deputies were sent to evict Wirth.   Wirth was a Military Veteran, who tried through the Court System, to protect his home from the foreclosure process.  Martin T. Wirth fought the Democrats and Republicans for years, and also was a major supporter of the use of Medical Marijuana and Medical Cannabis Oil.  He was also a political candidate for a third party.   In 2014, Wirth wrote, "Politics today is an auction of influence being peddled to the highest bidder. This corruption is not only illegal, it is a form of death to our republic.”  It is a tragedy that a Deputy has died (a 12 year veteran), and that two others were wounded.  Our prayers are for their families and friends.   Non-violence is the only answer; we have to respect the rule of law and the brave policemen that carry out to enforce it.  Violence against police is never the answer.

For a while, Martin T. Wirth was a member of the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition which seeks to reform the Foreclosure process and protect the rights of Homeowners.

It is a tragedy, that the Foreclosure Process, and Home Mortgage Process is so broken.  It is broken because the Democrats and Republicans take huge amounts of money via Political Campaign Contributions from the Banks who own the Home Mortgages.   Due to the Disease of Greed, the 1% are throwing American Farmers off their farms, American Ranchers off their ranches, and American Home Owners out of their homes.   As President Kopitke, I will reform the Farm, Ranch, Small Business and Home Mortgage protocols.  The American People are not the enemy in America.   

The greed of the 1% endangers the lives of Police Officers, who are being caught in the middle between the American People and the Greed of the 1%.  This is wrong to endanger the lives of Police Officers for the profits of the 1%.  Again, violence against Police Officers is wrong; it should never happen.  Our prayers are for their family members and for the wounded.

Story 2:   Natural Health treatments are often the best. Please see below:

Story 3:  We now have 3 Pregnant women in Florida infected with the Zika Virus. On the 28th of January, I called for a closed border with nations infected. Now it is spreading fast in the USA; yesterday Michigan announced its first case; 90 cases confirmed.    I am the only Presidential candidate to put forth a realistic plan to combat the Zika Virus.

Today is the day we begin to peacefully fight back; today across our America is our Lexington & Concord day.  On February 23rd at 4:57 PM (EST), I issued a Call of Service to The United States of America, to Randall Jay Bizzle of North Carolina to stand as my Vice Presidential running mate.  Randall Jay Bizzle accepted that Call to Serve and defend The Constitution of The United States of America.  We humbly ask for your prayers, and dedicate our campaign to His Glory; His Glory is in progressing and serving His children, who are our Eternal Brothers and Sisters.

I thank each of you for your prayers over the Vice Presidential search.

Randall Jay Bizzle suspended his quest for the Republican Party Presidential nomination, and has changed his Political Party affiliation to “Independent.”  He has supporters around the nation that have expressed a commitment to supporting our campaign.  Over the decades he has been a Small Business Owner and a Construction Contractor.  He will play a critical role in restoring Small Business expansion, which is the true economic engine of the American Economy.  From his experience as a Construction Contractor, he will ensure our infrastructure is rebuilt; we have thousands of bridges, water systems, and roads crumbling. We will make you proud of America and your government again; we will serve you and not oppress you.  We will stand for all that is good and noble. 

As of February 24th, 2016 Anno Domini, we began to seek Ballot Access is all 50 States (and the District of Columbia).  To achieve Ballot Access nationwide, we need to accomplish the Herculean Task of collecting 900,000 valid Signatures.  Please help us collect Signatures; please volunteer to be a State Director or Assistant State Director.  If you cannot collect Signatures, then please make a donation so we can hire someone. 

We open our American Renaissance Campaign today seeking to raise the $1,000 we need as a “Filing Fee” to be on the Ballot in November in the State of Colorado.  Colorado is one of two States that allow for a Filing Fee in lieu of collecting Signatures. 

In as much as today is our new Lexington and Concord day in America for the 21st Century, we do not need you on the Green at Lexington and Concord, but rather a $10 contribution.  to Donate directly to the campaign using a secure platform.

We need your contribution today, because once we pay that Filing Fee, we will have attained our first State for Ballot Access; we go from a well intentioned keyboard myth to a reality.  It is your America; fight today to save our Constitution, or lose it.

Praise Ye The Lord our Righteousness,

Please my Daily Presidential Campaign Blog at:

Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.

Praise Ye The Lord,

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Spiritual Thought for the day:   Stand up for Jesus and His Gospel; defend the Faith. 

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