Saturday, February 27, 2016

27 Feb 16: Deculturalization of the United States of America.

27 Feb 16:  Deculturalization of the United States of America.

Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press

Story 1:  In order for the Globalists of the One World Government of the New World Order to succeed in implanting their dastardly plans of a One World Government, they first have to remove our 2nd Amendment Rights, and then continue the gradual encroachment of our other Civil Liberties, until they reach their goal of destroying our Beloved and Sacred Constitution.  One way they are effectively doing this is through the H-1B Visa program which allows foreign workers come to America and take the jobs of America Workers.   Now, if you think I am making this up or am daft; live and learn and watch the video link below, and read the story below.  I am very reasonable, and I back up my statements with credible sources.

/  (Video of testimony before Congress)

Story 2:   Ben Carson stated that soon after he spoke out against Nixon-Obama Care. He was audited by IRS.   As President Kopitke, I will not use the IRS to punish those who disagree with me.

Story 3:   Democrats and Republicans continue to be callus and ignore my pleas to seal the border from allowing persons from the countries where the Zika Virus is killing persons to come here.  We also need long-term quarantines for those trying to return to the United States.  We should have a travel ban.    Today we learn that the Zika Virus in the United States has already been identified in 149 confirmed cases.  This is very serious; if we don’t take action millions will become infected in time and die.  The story below tells of 9 women who were pregnant with the Zika Virus; 2 had abortions; 1 child was born with massive birth defects, 2 women miscarried (Zika Virus causes this besides massive birth defects) and 2 women are still pregnant.   While in France, a man just infected his spouse after returning from an infected country; Zika is passed on via blood, coughing, and intimate behavior.  

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