Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16 Feb 16: Zika Virus; 21 States infected. Time to follow my treatment plan to stop the spread here in the USA

16 Feb 16:  Zika Virus; 21 States infected.  Time to follow my treatment plan to stop the spread here in the USA

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Story 1:  21 States in the United States now have the Zika Virus. I have called for a closing of borders with countries that are infected. There should be no travel to those countries infected, and there must be a quarantine for those trying to come back followed with blood tests. I called for this on January 28th.   500 people a day are coming into hospitals in South America; there are over 40,000 infected in one area alone (see the story below).   This is as serious as it gets.  Why are not the Democrats and Republicans doing anything; do they want to crash our nation?  Millions will die from this; millions will be infected and permanently damaged.  I understand this because I am the only Presidential Candidate that has experience with infectious diseases from my service as an American Diplomat in the United States Peace Corps.    


Story 2:  News story about the reality of the New World Order and how it plans to destroy the American Family.


Story 3: Below is a story how are Scientists are selling out for government grants; very sad.


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Spiritual Thought for the day:  the greatest and most effective tool of the New World Order is to get you to swear and use vulgarity.  Vulgarity then leads to the breakdown of other personal and family morals.

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