Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Feb 16: CDC 3 adds three more Vaccines as of February, 2016

5 Feb 16:  CDC 3 adds three more Vaccines as of February, 2016

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Story 1:  CDC 3 adds three more Vaccines as of February, 2016 to the group children are supposed to receive. They keep adding and adding; more profit for the 1%.  We must stop the vaccine madness; the Disease of Greed is out of control.

Story 2:  Here is what you do not want to hear, but need to hear about the Zika virus.
Hs this Virus been created by the 1% New World Order for their profits and to enslave the world; I’ll investigate as President Kopitke.
I called for a travel ban, blood testing for persons entering our nation, and also for a quarantine back on the 28th of January; no response from Washington. Now the Zika Virus is going to spread like a wildfire. This is another reason I am running for President.
The Zika Virus is transmitted by bugs, by intimate human behavior, and also as announced today blood transfusions.  Today it was announced over 30 cases nationwide; it will be thousands shortly.
If the WHO was helping, they would call for a ban on persons coming from those infected nations, until this is under control. They are not; is this just another False Flag by the New World Order?
It is like the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the WHO, are allowing this to multiply before we can contain it. Why?
Just watch, it will start to explode across our nation. Millions of Americans will be deformed because HHS, HUD, Department of Homeland Security, and WHO did nothing. Where is Congress? Will the New World Order use this as a guise for Martial Law; I pray not.
Why am I the only Presidential Candidate addressing this issue? Because......I am not a member of the 1% or the New World Order. We need to stand up against the New World Order.  Besides of the top 13 Presidential candidates, I am the only one with a background with treating an infectious disease (my service in the United States Peace Corps).

Zika Virus is a Bio Weapon it appears. Please learn for yourself; please share.

Story 3: As President Kopitke, I will reform the VA so Vets can have medical treatment instead of dying while they wait.

Story 4:  Another new Disease?

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