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6 Feb 16: 70% of new jobs created in January are minimum wage jobs

6 Feb 16:   70% of new jobs created in January are minimum wage jobs

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Story 1:  70% of new jobs created in January are minimum wage jobs.  This is in part because we send all of our good paying jobs overseas.  What happens is China gets the American $$$$ dollars to the tune of a monthly trade deficit of $30 Billion dollars (yes, per month).  China then does research, and builds and invents and creates as in the story below about the invention of fusion reactors.  Not us developing or inventing because all our money goes to China.   As President Kopitke, I’ll bring home good paying jobs.  Most of the good paying jobs since 2007 have gone to foreign workers brought here.

Story 2:  Zika Virus update: Today it was announced it can be transmitted by urine, kissing, and also by sneezing.   Why am I the only Presidential candidate speaking about this issue. On the 28th of January, I called for a ban from those coming here from infected countries; blood tests and quarantine.  No one is listening; now it is spreading to Europe.  Now it is mushrooming here in the USA.  Why is the main stream news media banning my comments?  Oh…I am not a member of the 1%.  Why are we not using some of these Chinese herbs; we should be testing them.   Billions more profits for the vaccine; that is why.  Now, some countries are adding GMO mosquitoes to the mix; but they have not been tested.  Seriously.

Story 3:  as part of my Presidential American Renaissance Campaign, I have to the goal of shutting down all nuke reactors.  Two stories below discuss this; including a discussion of the massive CA radiation and other poisons leak that no one is talking about or doing anything about.    I will act.

Story 4:   Christian Homeschoolers persecuted?  As President Kopitke, I’ll defend the rights of Homeschoolers.

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