Friday, March 11, 2016

12 March 16: Why are so many American Natural Health Doctors who question the link between Cancer and Vaccines dying?

12 March 16:  Why are so many American Natural Health Doctors who question the link between Cancer and Vaccines dying?

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Story 1:  LaVoy Finicum was shot in the back.  Some reports claim he was reaching for a gun; from the video, it does not appear those shooting him in the back could have seen what he was doing in the front.  This is causing a great divide for many Americans.  I have called for a release of all of the camera footage; why are only part of the films being released?  As President Kopitke, I have pledged a full independent investigation with no cover-up.  I have also pledged to pardon the Hammonds and the Bundy group.  The Right to peacefully Protest must be upheld.  BLM needs to be reformed, and the selling of American Mineral Rights to foreign countries and the 1% (causing Ranchers and Farmers to be kicked off their lands) needs to end.

Story 2:  The percentage of antidepressants to children under the age of 18 has soared by 50% in seven years.  Our Drug Culture is out of control; these children will be mentally disabled unless we help them.  Please support my Presidential Campaign; help me save America’s Children.


Story 3:  Are American Natural Health Doctors who question the safety of vaccines, and the relationship to Cancer, being murdered?  Read the story for yourself; research it for yourself.   And you wonder why I am not on CNN or FOX or CBS; it is because I ask these types of questions.  As President Kopitke, there will be a real investigation.

Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.

Praise Ye The Lord,

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Spiritual Thought for the day:  For some persons, it is only by keeping the Holy Commandments of God, and then breaking them, that they can feel how Sacred they are. Once we break them, after keeping them for a while, we will feel His Spirit Flee.  As The Spirit withdraws, we understand He is God, and His Commandments are literally Spiritual Power unto Salvation and Eternal Life through His Atonement, and our Heavenly Father’s Plan.  For example; try not watching TV on Sunday for a month; then try watching it; as you begin to watch it again after having not watched it, you will feel The Spirit withdraw, and will thus understand the Sacredness of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.   
Fear not; have Faith; have Faith in Jesus The Lamb.
We can argue with man but not God.

Place yourself where you can do the most amount of good. 

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