Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 March 16: Cameras at the Post Office taking your photo and a picture of your license plate.

7 March 16:  Cameras at the Post Office taking your photo and a picture of your license plate.

Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press

Story 1:  Post Office Cameras.  Last year, a major media station reported the Post Office in Golden, Colorado had set up cameras to record license plates and take photos of those entering the Post Office.  Later, after being questioned about them, they were taken down. As President Kopitke, I will not allow the Post Office to take pictures of your license plate, or your face.     

Story 2:  Our National Economy continues to be between a Recession and Depression for most Americans.  Few have money to spend, just to pay high bills for insurance, health care, energy --- all owned by the 1%.  This is why Income Inequality continues to get worse and not better. This is why 1 in 3 Americans is receiving help with food.   Much of this is due to the loss of manufacturing plants and the jobs therein.  The 1% sent them overseas for quick profits, but now realize that Americans do not have money to buy their imported products.  Sears, Target, and other stores are closing; each week another major chain announces store closings.   Since the Clinton NAFTA act, American has lost over 70,000 manufacturing plants.   NAFTA has cost over five million good paying jobs.  You cannot raise a family very well on a minimum wage job.   Now the Democrats are trying to kill more jobs and manufacturing plants through TPP and TPA.  As President Kopitke, I’ll bring back jobs and manufacturing plants.   

Story 3:   You should be asking yourself” I see all kinds of government test, but few if any on the uses of natural remedies; why not?”  As President Kopitke, I will test natural cures and herbal medicines.  I will not cover them up so the 1% can have “drugs” for profits over your health well being.

Quote:  From John Taylor (1753-1824) of the Virginia House of Delegates: "Constitutions are violated, and it would be absurd to expect the federal government to enforce the Constitution against itself. If the very federal judges the Constitution was partly intended to restrain were the ones exclusively charged with enforcing it, then 'America possesses only the effigy of a Constitution.' The states, the very constituents of the Union, had to do the enforcing."  As President Kopitke, I’ll respect the Rights of States.  

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