Thursday, April 21, 2016

19 April, 2016: Is HAARP Causing Earthquakes on behalf of New World Order?

19 April, 2016:  Is HAARP Causing Earthquakes on behalf of New World Order?

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Story 1:  Our first story is about the increase in Earthquakes.  Now I have no link, because I want you to go to the internet and search under the words: “HAARP Earthquakes.”  Then you will learn that governments can cause at will, Earthquakes (tornados too and rain and floods; or stop rain and stop tornados.  Then go to Youtube and search under the same words.  Then you will begin to understand how utter corrupt the Democrats and Republicans are in Washington D.C.; they really are not Democrats and Republicans; but Globalist Collaborators of the One World Government of the New World Order. Help me, or then just let them roll over you and your loved ones.  

Story 2:  Another story how the Democrats and Republicans in Washington are for sale; and sell your health for Political Donations from the 1%, and those that support the New World Order.

Story 3:   FDA gave in to the pressure stemming from mega political donations; is this what happened?

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