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21 April, 2016: Abuse of the Bundy Ranchers

21 April, 2016:  Abuse of the Bundy Ranchers

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Story 1:  As President Kopitke, I have pledged to Pardon the Hammonds and the Bundy Group, and members of the 3%.  I have pledged to reform the BLM and EPA.   I have seen nothing worthy of arrest or detainment.  There are too many questions about the sale of land rights to the 1% and foreign 1% (with backdoors to Americans via secret bank accounts often off shore, or the employment of relatives).     Carolyn C. shared this: 
Bundy Ranch
April 18 at 5:01pm
Allegations of Inmate Mistreatment against Ammon Bundy (to dispel rumors please SHARE)

There has been a lot of conflicting stories about the transport to Nevada. Ammon has asked that we make public what he says happened: During the trip he was handcuffed for approximately 23 hours. Once arriving to the Henderson Detention Center at around 4:00 p.m.(jail website: ), he was chained to a bench for approximately 11 hours along with Ryan Bundy. They got to talk which was a small blessing.
Ryan was chained to the bench for approximately 9 hours. They couldn’t stand completely upright. They were told that they were chained to the bench because there was not enough room at the jail. This is surprising since this trip was ordered by an Oregon federal judge weeks ago and was not a surprise.
By around 4 a.m. he was thrown into solitary confinement. At Henderson, they bunk and you are not normally in solitary. He had to endure two weeks of solitary confinement in Portland but has been in general population since then with absolutely no problems whatsoever. The purported reason is that it is for his own safety. (Link to solitary confinement notice: )
What solitary means is that you are not allowed to walk around out of your cell for almost 23 hours and only have an hour to clean your cell, take care of personal hygiene and talk to family. Compare this to the rules governing kennels in Oregon ( ).
Ammon reports that the first morning they almost forgot to feed him breakfast but then did forget to feed him lunch. He had to rattle his door to get another inmate’s attention and then show the sign to eat as if eating with a spoon to mouth. The other inmate had to yell out, “Unit 6 hasn’t been fed.” They remembered to feed him supper though.
Other injustices include the attorneys who meet with Ammon cannot have their laptop computers, which makes note writing painstakingly slow and incomplete and makes sharing electronic discovery impossible. Obviously the US Attorney’s Office is allowed to type note when meeting with the case agent.
His cell was nasty and unclean and he requested a wet rag to wash it but was instead bunked up with another inmate temporarily one night while his cell was made sanitary, which was very nice and a welcome surprise.
He wasn’t allowed to shower for approximately three days but was allowed to after returning from court Friday.
While booking him after court on Friday, Ammon says that he heard a female US Marshall tell one of the jailers (whose name we have) something to the effect that these gentleman were pieces of $#!t and should not be fed tonight. Ammon states that he wasn’t fed.
We took action today and have further actions planned and will let you know the response/results.
Ammon Bundy Legal Fund:
Also, At the request of Carol Bundy and with Cliven’s attorneys’ permission, Ammon’s attorney Mike Arnold was able to briefly meet with Cliven Saturday night to check on him in person and see how he was doing. Cliven asked Mike Arnold to share this message to the prosecuted Patriots:
To the Patriots: I love them and have faith in them. They stood for what was right and I’m grateful. Thank you.

Story 2:   In another move to promote the jamming down our American throats of the Globalist lead One World Government of the New World Order, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that they are ripping the face of Andrew Jackson off the our current $20 American Dollar Bill.  I support Harriet Tubman on a $30 Bill or some other Bill, but not removing Andrew Jackson.   One of the chief goals of the New World Order is to remove our history and culture.

Story 3: The Elizabethkingia anopheles Virus has now invaded the United States; six in Illinois have just died.  This of course is due to our “open border policy” which is destroying our health.

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