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17 May, 2016: Do you know what a “FEMA Camp Name Gatherer” is?

17 May, 2016:  Do you know what a “FEMA Camp Name Gatherer” is?

We need Signature Gathers in Colorado; this allows us to obtain Ballot Access.

An American Moment: Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press

Story 1:  Do you know what a FEMA Camp Name Gatherer is? Or what “Trolling for Patriots” is?  Probably, one of the fastest growing job segments of our National Economy, besides low paying part-ti9me jobs, are either Corporate, political or Federal Government paid persons who “fake” their identity online to promote the agenda of those who pay them.  This is a form of COINTELPRO.  I suppose that these are merely “Name Gatherers” that place your name of a FEMA “style” Camp List for future use.  While a few survived the World War II Camps, the Globalists of the New World Order, I suppose will not anyone leave alive.  

Story 2:  A recent report stated that with the announced Troops cuts in the United States Military, our Actual Troop levels will the lowest since before World War II.  As President Kopitke, I am the only major Presidential Candidate that has served in the United States Military; actual experience matters a great deal.


Story 3:   Here is a posting that you should read; reread if necessary. 
My name is Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke, and I am running for President as an Independent Presidential candidate.  I am hiring a Colorado State Director.  I also need 9 Signatures for Ballot Access in November; can you help? 810-424-0772 or kylekopitk@gmail.com
Please excuse the use of “I” so much in the following text, but I thought it appropriate to show that this is what “I” believe.
I am for the Constitution, and against the Globalist led One World Government. I am for renewable energy, and against Fracking and Nuclear Power Plants.  I support Fair Trade but not TPP, TPA & NAFTA.  

I support Health Care for all, and not Forced Vaccines like MMR and HPV.  I am against the NAIP (National Adult Immunization Plan) that requires all Americans to be forced into having over 70 Vaccinations (some tied to Autism).  I support Natural Farming, including Natural Raw Milk, and not GMOs.  I support Natural Fertilizers and not deadly pesticides like Glyphosate. 

I support Free Tuition, and wiping out all Student Loans, and ending Student Loan Slavery.  I developed the “Kopitke Slavery Reparation Plan.”

I support removing Fluoride from our drinking water, and from foods. I support removing and banning GMO foods, and implementing “Truth in Labeling” on what is really going into our foods. 

I support removing all ingredients in make-up, food, furniture and under arm deodorants that are linked to 1 in 5 women developing Breast Cancer.   I support removing Smart Meters and Cell Phone Towers.  I support clean air, and not the spraying of Chemtrails.  I support ending chemical experimentation on Americans.  I support breaking up the National News Media Monopolies that block the truth from being told to the American People. 

I support legalization of Weed; certainly as a medical treatment for mental health issues instead of dangerous SSRI drugs.  I support Hemp Oils for natural health treatments and other alternative natural medicinal treatments. I support releasing the secret energy forms the federal government is holding back.  I support a major move towards industrial Hemp.  I support pardoning Weed users in jail, and millions of other non-violent offenders who are only in jail to support the “Prison Industry.” 

I support reforming income equality; there is no way it is “America” where the 1% own 70% of the wealth of the nation.  I support a moratorium on Home Forecloses.   I support reforming the Federal Reserve (or ending it; I have not seen a workable alternative yet).  I support ending False Flags against the American People like 9-11, and pledge a new honest investigation.  

And now you know why you don’t see me on TV or in the newspapers.  Because I dare to question the 1% and the Globalists of the New World Order

Please Help me Save our Earth and Constitution; volunteer to help Collect Signatures for Ballot Access.

Praise Ye The Lord,


P.S. Please share PresidentKopitke2016.info with two other persons today. 

Please read one verse from Holy Writ today at LDS.org.

Spiritual Thought for the day:   Isaiah 30:18 ¶And therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the Lord is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him.

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