Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why I am running for President of the United States of America

My name is Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke, and I am running for President as an Independent Presidential candidate.  I am hiring a Colorado State Director.  I also need 9 Signatures for Ballot Access in November; can you help? 810-424-0772 or

I am for the Constitution, and against the Globalist led One World Government. I am for renewable energy, and against Fracking and Nuclear Power Plants.  I support Fair Trade but not TPP, TPA & NAFTA.   I support Health Care for all, and not Forced Vaccines like MMR and HPV. 

 I am against the NAIP (National Adult Immunization Plan) that requires all Americans to be forced into having over 70 Vaccinations (some tied to Autism).  I support Natural Farming, including Natural Raw Milk, and not GMOs. 

 I support Natural Fertilizers and not deadly pesticides like Glyphosate.  I support Free Tuition, and wiping out all Student Loans, and ending Student Loan Slavery.  I developed the “Kopitke Slavery Reparation Plan.”
I support removing Fluoride from our drinking water, and from foods. I support removing and banning GMO foods, and implementing “Truth in Labeling” on what is really going into our foods.  

 I support removing all ingredients in make-up, food, furniture and under arm deodorants that are linked to 1 in 5 women developing Breast Cancer.   I support removing Smart Meters and Cell Phone Towers.  I support clean air, and not the spraying of Chemtrails.  I support ending chemical experimentation on Americans.  I support breaking up the National News Media Monopolies that block the truth from being told to the American People.  I support legalization of Weed; certainly as a medical treatment for mental health issues instead of dangerous SSRI drugs.   

I support Hemp Oils for natural health treatments and other alternative natural medicinal treatments. I support releasing the secret energy forms the federal government is holding back.  I support a major move towards industrial Hemp.  I support pardoning Weed users in jail, and millions of other non-violent offenders who are only in jail to support the “Prison Industry.”  I support reforming income equality; there is no way it is “America” where the 1% own 70% of the wealth of the nation.  

 I support a moratorium on Home Forecloses.   I support reforming the Federal Reserve (or ending it; I have not seen a workable alternative yet).  I support ending False Flags against the American People like 9-11, and pledge a new honest investigation.  
And now you know why you don’t see me on TV or in the newspapers.  Because I dare to question the 1% and the Globalists of the New World Order. 

1.  Qualifications and Experience   

2.  Character

4.  New World Order

And my website with 9 pages of policy is at

Please read one Verse from Holy Writ today,

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