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15 September, 2016: Understanding “body doubles”

15 September, 2016:    Understanding “body doubles”

As of today, we only have Ballot Access in November in the great State of Colorado.   Please vote for us in November if you live in Colorado.  Please share my Presidential Campaign with your friends in Colorado.  Please volunteer and donate.  Save now Your Constitution; or lose it.

An American Moment: Presidential Candidate: Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Daily Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press

Story 1:   Understanding “body doubles.”  Note the headline calls it “bizarre” to even dare to question the movements and shallow practices of the 1%.  This is how they stay in power.   Was it a body double? When they call people “names” like “bizarre” for even daring to question, that is when I sit up and take note.   I remember speaking with a friend who had gone to Dallas and spoke with one of the Nurses there at Parkland.  She said that two men in suits came in and finger printed JFK, and said to her that they wanted to make sure it was JFK.  If you read the book by David Lifton on switching the caskets (or two different caskets and different bodies), then you will understand.

Story 2:   Vaccines are not always safe.  What has happened to cause this; who is behind it; is it plain greed, or a move by the New World Order to depopulate America?  Dare you even question?  Who is more crazy; the one who questions; or the one who is afraid to question?  Sometimes, a word defines us.

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